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Nawaz Sharif, Maryam arrested by NAB, shifted to Adiala jail


Jun 19, 2018
United States
Imran wont order Gernails. He would let them run their own institution. Thats where other politicians failed
when the interest of Imrana clashes with the fauj then it is ought to happen. Every one is different before elections. Let him come to power. Bhutto appointed Zia as COAS and what did Zia did in return? This was because bhutto was adamant and there was clash of interest.
hehehe, kid! Imran is going to make modi cry just wait n watch.
Musharraf kuch nahi kar paya, zia ul haq kuch nahi kar paya, bhutto kuch nhi kar paya , Imran to abhi bacha hai. he needs to first come in power to see what is the reality.
he will be the kejriwal of Pakistan. He will simply say '' hamey kaam nahi karne de rahi opposition, assembly chalney nahi de rahey'' etc etc..

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