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Nawaz Sharif & Gen. Jillani

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    As a young boy growing up in Lahore, all Nawaz Sharif ever wanted was to become a police officer in Lahore but his father had other ideas. He got his first chance to look and act like a police officer when General Jilani, at the urging of his father, appointed him as a civil defense sector commander. He got his wish and had his picture taken with Governor Jilani and several real police officers ofthe day (see the attached photo). This was long before Jilani made him a provincial minister and later Chief Minister against the consent of the Prime Minister Junejo. I thought of those days this week after hearing about a two million dollars fine a neighborhood company had to pay for bribing police officials in Pakistan during Zardari presidency. It is painful for me to write this because Pakistani Police has the most difficult job in the world and I am particularly sad to report that several policemen have died this week for simply carrying out the orders from their superiors in the ongoing clash between the Sharif family rulers and the street revolutionaries of Imran and Tahir Qadri. I got to know General Jilani during my brief tenure as a Presidential Adviser in Islamabad. Had he still been the Governor of Punjab, he would not have acted like the Doormat Governor and the Doormat President we have these days and would have sent packing both the Sharif brothers. He was the architect of the Jullundhari Coup of Punjabi generals against Bhutto, As ISI Chief, he had lobbied Bhutto to appoint Zia as the Army Chief even though Zia was at the bottom of the list of seven eligible generals for the Chief appointment. There is an Ayat in Sura Al-Taghabun which says that our properties and our children are a test for us. One of Jilani's sons had found an entry level job at Ittefaq Foundaries soon after graduation. Mian Sahib considered it an investment opportunity and used him as a leverage with Jilani and in return got favors for his son Nawaz. Bribery was an art with Mian Sharif. He bribed everybody and anybody he could to get an edge for his family and his business. To my knowledge, only two men in all of Pakistan ever refused to take a bribe from him. One was Ghulam Ishaque Khan when he was Chairman of WAPDA and the other was General Asif Nawaz Janjua when he was Army Chief. Smith & Wesson Company was a member of the trade association that I served as the Chairman of Board of Governors in the 1980s. My General Secretary of the Western Mass International Trade Association was Thelma Jenne from Smith & Wesson Company. On one of his visits to USA, President Zia showed interest in having a S&W Revolver and Thelma provided me a .44 Magnum wrapped in a gift box which I gave Zia in his suite at Waldorf Astoria to utter dismay of U.S. Secret Service. Jilani also wanted to have one customized for him and on my next trip to the Lahore Governor House I gave one to him also receiving his profuse gratitude. My point is that Smith & Wesson has been giving away handguns as gifts for more than half a century. But they made a big mistake when they gave a dozen revolvers to Pakistani police officials who were involved in the purchasing decision to buy 548 guns for the Department. The company made a profit of only $108K but they violated FCPA and they have to pay a penalty of about two million dollars and return the profit to U.S. Government. After reading my post of yesterday, several friends have asked: Is there any hope for the present crisis to end peacefully without further loss of life? My friends on the page who have served as IG Police in the past or presently are serving can give a better answer but I have seen this movie before during Bhutto Zia days. It can end peacefully only when a policeman or a soldier refuses to fire that POF Wah made rifle or Smith & Wesson Handgun when ordered and saves the lives of protesters. That day the protest ends and the usurpers of power go home. I hope that day is not too far away.
    DrMuhammad M Awan 8/11/14