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National Assembly: A platform for misleading the nation?

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    In the recent post-budget debate Khawaja Muhammad Asif, son of Khawaja Muhammad Safdar of Sialkot, stated that Pakistan had not played its role in blocking the permanent membership of India in the United Nations Security Council( UNSC ). It was a misleading statement by the former foreign minister and currently the acting leader of opposition, as the position is temporary for a period of two years. The response of the sitting foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, was equally absurd as he thought it was not a big deal.

    Both need to be reprimanded, Khawaja for misleading the nation and Qureshi for misdirecting it. The National Assembly has become an absurd debating club where people come to hurl abuses and defend the misdeeds of their leaders instead of legislating for the common good of the people. While the former foreign minister should tender an unconditional apology for his misleading statement and be debarred for speaking on the floor for at least one year, the sitting foreign minister should be issued a show-cause notice for misdirection and showing callousness in the performance of his duties.

    It is typical of the PML(N) and its media cell to mislead the nation. Instead of coming clean, they cause delays in legal proceedings. Rana Sanaullah in the narcotics case against him has sought three adjournments. Judge Arshad Malik is another misdemeanour. The case of corruption against Nawaz Sharif was being heard in the court of Accountability Court Judge Muhammad Bashir. His smart lawyers first worked on Judge Arshad and then moved an application to get the case transferred to his court.

    They then tried to blackmail the Judge by highlighting his personal misadventures to get a favourable judgement. When the Judge did not oblige they went public after him. Bail-in common law is the right of the accused, it does not mean vindication. Even Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was given bail in the murder case against him, he was then detained under martial law throughout his trial followed by execution. Almost the entire PML(N) leadership is out on bail while the cases against them are being unnecessarily delayed by them. They have not been able to come clean in any of the corruption charges filed against them.
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    National Assembly: A platform for misleading the nation?