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Myanmar loses support of 9 countries on Rohingya issue


Jul 20, 2018
Rohyngas are better off supported for armed struggle for their own homeland and bd should help them. Bangladesh should use the opportunity Burmese idiocy creates
It will cost Bangladesh a lot less money (military, diplomacy, emergency aid, immigration enforcement, etc..)in the next 50 years if we simply give them residency (with pathway to citizenship) and put them in education camps (deradicalise, instil birth control and small family culture, etc..).
The Rohingyas being conservative Muslims are a misfit to other Burmese cultures and will therefore keep getting kicked out causing us to re-do the whole 2017-2020 shtick again and again.

Even bombing the crap out of Burma would achieve nothing as the Burmese people would then hate Rohingyas even more.

Rohingya number only about a million worldwide. Giving them residency/citizenship will hardly make any dent to our economy provided we force birth control upon them.

If Bangladesh comes up with a grand assimilation plan, it would not be hard to make India, China, the Gulf and the West to foot the bills as it will keep Rohingyas away from their shores.
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Oct 27, 2014
armed struggles work if your group is 20% or more. ethnic groups less than 10% of the population have zero chance unless the geography or external environment is favaroble.
Rohyngas are less than 2% of Myanmar's population

What you say is true in general

China and India balanced their relationship with Saudis and West when it came to Iran. Plus Iran's mullahs never miss a chance to interfere outside their country. Myanmar's rulers keep their shit within their country. Myanmar has geography that India, China and USA will find useful in regional geopolitics.
then a military intervention in necessary from the likes of US, they could permanently base a fleet in those water after liberatiing rakhaine and establishing a state.... neutralizing chinese influence in the region
Jul 10, 2018
Myanmar should be careful. Just look on Iran, after Iran get UN sanction their GDP stagnant in 2012 level for another 8 years. Dont say there is China bla bla. Even Iran get supported by both China and India but still get stagnant GDP for 8 years since UN sanction is imposed.

Better they embrace those Rohingya and can have good economic growth due to US and Western support. Myanmar after becoming democratic actually can become another Western darling. It is so fool to kick that Rohingya from their country. We are already living in a modern world, not a medieval era anymore where such thing can be done without getting any consequence.

Democratic? Does democracy exists in Middle east, Indonesia and Iran?


Feb 4, 2014
United States
Every vote in UN carry equal weight except for five veto yielding power. So, 1.3 billion Indians have the same worth as 17 thousands Palauan in the UN.
Something ignorant Sanghis are clueless about. 8-)

And India which is a non-permanent member, does not have veto power - yet AFAIK.


Mar 12, 2014
Every vote in UN carry equal weight except for five veto yielding power. So, 1.3 billion Indians have the same worth as 17 thousands Palauan in the UN.
Wow, if you think that is how UN and diplomacy works, you are quite ill-educated.:disagree:

First of all most resolutions passed by UN general assembly are just gestured resolutions such as the condemnation of a country for a certain act or creating an emergency international assistance for a certain crisis. (Can't be VETO)
These UN resolutions are also non-binding for its members. :sarcastic::sarcastic:

But for resolutions passed by the UN security council, are legally binding and are actionable. (*unless one of the permanent member VETO it*)
-We don't have to worry about this because every resolution aimed at Myanmar had been VETO by China or Russia since 1988. :nono:

So Why people pay attention to UN general assembly?

-It is to see where a certain country and its government stand on a certain issue. It can complicate bilateral relationships.

Dont worry, I will dumb it down for you to understand.

For example, if Japan vote against Myanmar in this UN resolution, it usually means their governments want us to change our policy or acts. If we dont, Japan for example will halt giving aids to Myanmar and also revoke Customs, Duty, and Tax waivers that are given to Myanmar. That will affect our export volumes since Japan is one of the major trading partners of Myanmar.

Thats, why people dont care about 17,000 Palauan thinks but care about 1.3 billion population India, has to say.
It is all about trading volumes and economics.

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