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Myanmar files first Rohingya case report to top UN court


Sep 21, 2018
Arabs are the ones with the cash, they are to busy licking boots of the west and almost whilst every other Muslims country is crippled in poverty.
Even if they were not licking the boots of anybody, they still wouldn't help apart from throwing some pocket change as charity and alms. Two benefits in doing that, their image in the Islamic world improves and they buy more acreage in Jannah.

As for tackling the real problem, BD must not rely on anybody but do whatever it can in it's ability. Likewise Pakistan should do whatever it can in it's ability to help the Kashmiris. Self dependency FTW. Sooner we learn this the better.


Jul 10, 2018
Yes, but every dog must learn tricks and a human species learn technologies. SE Asian Buddhists (read: ethnic Chinese) are learning fast and someday their countries will develop. But, once a western country has already learned all the technologies like mechanical, machine-building, electrical, electronics, medical science, all disciplines of engineering, etc. it is not that they will just forget all those things. SE Asians are gradually learning from them and will keep on upgrading their living standard.

But, where is the standing of Muslims and among them the standing of Muslim BD? Only yesterday, I read a thread praising the procurement of locomotives from Christian America. Where are the big-mouth talents of BD who are supposed to build all these old technology products?

Instead of learning 1IR, 2IR and 3IR technologies, our brats incessantly speak about 4IR and then buy 2IR products from the Christian world. This is the reality of BD.
Yes but I would not blame the common muslims for it. The muslim world particularly the Arab world did not have good leaders till now. Most muslim country except for some good ones like Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia etc has government which are corrupt, brutal and autocratic. Most leaders of the muslim world are like Bashar Al Assad unfortunately.

I would not touch Bangladesh history as DB cops might put me inside prison lol.

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