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My Real-Life Experience in China

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    This is one lucky fella and his family ......

    My Real-Life Experience in China
    2016-08-10 09:36:26 CRIENGLISH.com Web Editor: Zhang Peng


    By Rabi Sankar Bosu

    This is not a fairy tale, it is a true story of a long cherished dream being fulfilled by an unemployed man living in a small village in West Bengal, India. Yes, this is my seven days real life experience in China which I will never forget. I along with my wife, Sudeshna, my son Udit Sankar and my radio club members Deb Sankar Chakraborty and Rupankar Chakraborty had the opportunity to pay a 7-day visit to China from June 26th to July 2nd, 2016 at the invitation of the Chinese Government. I have been a longtime listener and a devoted fan of China Radio International. I have been promoting India - China friendship for over 31 years and with the help of my radio club members I have been helping CRI to reach the remotest rural people in West Bengal. Our efforts have been noticed and praised by the former Chinese Ambassador to India Mr. Le Yucheng and the Kolkata Consul General Mr. Ma Zhanwu. Impressed by our love and work for China and CRI, Consul General Ma sponsored us to take a free trip to China. We are grateful to him for giving us a chance to enjoy our trip on the soil of China.

    At the crack of dawn on June 26th we disembarked at the imposing Kunming Changshui International Airport. After arriving at the Kunming Jinjiang Hotel I recollected the blessings and good wishes of Consul General Ma Zhanwu. As part of our trip to China, on June 26th we visited Shilin Stone Forest. The more we entered the forest, the more we were all amazed to see the beautiful limestone landscape. The sizes of stones in diverse shapes and sizes looked very beautiful and magical. Walking around the park I realized that nature has bestowed China with the choicest scenic beauty. The next day we went to the Western Hills Forest Park. Really we got lost in the tranquility and marvelous scenery of the Western Hills lying beside Dianchi Lake. On the Hills we saw the Dragon Gate and Taoist Gods -Kui Xing and Guan Yin. We noticed that the Chinese people did not remove their shoes while offering prayers to gods in temple unlike in our country. They even touched the images of gods and goddesses.

    We reached Beijing close to dawn on June 28th. The heavy rains welcomed us. We stayed at the Jinglun Hotel. While eating a royal breakfast at the hotel restaurant my thoughts reverted back to the Consul General Ma Zhanwu and his blessings which had made our dreams come true. On our very first day we strolled on the Qianmen Street. We met new people of a new exotic land! Undoubtedly with its ancient palaces, temples and parks Beijing is a very modern, cosmopolitan city. I think everything in the Chinese capital Beijing is colossal. Whether it’s Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven or the Great Wall, everything is outsized. Ancient historical buildings and the glitzy skyscrapers stand side by side in Beijing. Walking along the Qianmen Street we bought some gifts and memorabilia of China for our family members and radio club members. I enjoyed the bargaining with shopkeepers in English. But it is rather difficult to converse with Chinese vendors in English as most of them cannot speak English properly. But Chinese people are very honest and friendly. The rain, however, did not forget to accompany us all day long!

    In the afternoon of June 28th one lady named Ms. Wen Hui from China’s Foreign Affairs Bureau took us to the building of China Radio International. It is this China Radio International that has become a part and parcel in my life for the last 31 years. It is China Radio International that has made China my second home. We were too much elated to see the faces of CRI presenters whose voice we hear on air or see them on CRI website. We had an exclusive meeting with CRI Deputy Editor-in-Chief Mr. Ma Bohui in presence of CRI’s Hindi Language Department Director Mrs. Yang Yifeng, CRI's Bengali Language Department Deputy Director Ms. Cao Yan Hua(Suborna), Mrs. Zhao Qiao, Executive Director of Urdu service & Deputy Director of South Asia division of CRI, Ms. Liao Li, Deputy Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department of CRI and so many other CRI dignitaries. Mr. Ma Bohui called me as a true friend of CRI and China. He was deeply moved on seeing my love for CRI and China. He listened to my personal story with CRI. He said, “I am very much impressed to see your love and work for China Radio International and China. I appreciate you for all what you have done for the cause of China-India friendship. I cordially wish you and your club could influence more locals and play a pivotal role in bridging China-India friendship.” After the end of an hour long meeting he presented us some CRI souvenirs. We also exchanged our gifts. To us the meeting seemed just like a minister-level meeting which we usually see on the TV.

    Mr. Li Zheng and Mr. Liang Tao showed us the whole section of CRI English with a friendly gesture. CRI’s Hindi Department Director, Yang Yifeng and all the staff of CRI Hindi Service greeted us with warmth and candour which made us so welcomed. We presented our souvenirs and gifts to CRI members. We took so many photos with CRI leaders and presenters. After spending a wonderful and memorable day we returned to our hotel. The meeting with CRI English and Hindi presenters and officials was indeed an unforgettable experience!

    Next day on June 29th, we went to visit the Summer Palace, an enormous complex surrounded by the massive shimmering Kunming Lake. We enjoyed an exciting boat trip on the Kunming Lake. Then we went to a dream world - the Bird's Nest Stadium and Water Cube. I had seen the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games on TV in our small house. However, I had never imagined that one day I would be able to wander around the Bird's Nest Stadium. Sitting on the gallery chairs of the stadium, I was trying to catch the same pulse of the opening ceremony which the spectators got during the Olympic Games. Then getting wet in the rain we walked to the Water Cube. Later we headed to the Temple of Heaven, the site where the Ming and Qing emperors offered prayers for good harvest.

    During our short period of time in Beijing we also saw the well-known historical sites of the capital city - Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City was home to 24 emperors in China's last two dynasties. Standing on the complex of the Forbidden City I realized how much Chinese are associated with their great history and the pride they feel about it. On July 1, we went to see the enormous Great Wall, the pride of China as well as of the whole world. We reached the Mutianyu Great Wall by cable car. We walked, we ran on the Wall in wild excitement. Climbing upon the Wall my son,Uditsankar and my wife, Sudeshna told me it's like a dream come true. We climbed bravely to a few watch towers. The views from the high watch towers are worth the knee-busting climb. Coming down from the Great Wall we enjoyed a Toboggan ride. While returning we went to see the Ming Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Our stay in China had at last came to an end. On July 2nd after breakfast we checked out of the hotel at 8.30 a.m. We paid a short visit to the Capital Museum. Then we had our lunch for the last time in a Chinese restaurant. We headed to the gigantic Beijing Capital International Airport carrying so many fond memories in our hearts as invaluable treasures to last forever. When China Eastern Airlines flight took off from Beijing Airport to India, looking down at Beijing from the blue sky, I murmured I left my heart in China. To conclude my China tour diary I should express my sincere gratitude to the Kolkata Consul General Ma Zhanwu who gave us a chance to visit our dreamland China and frankly speaking which also turned out to be my first-ever romantic vacation with my wife in our 16-year-married life.
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    everyone experience differently. Never been to China but will one day go.