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Mushfiqur Rahim contract-bound to play in Pakistan - BCB chief Nazmul Hassan


Nov 8, 2013
United Kingdom

As a contracted cricketer, Mushfiqur Rahim is expected to accept the BCB's instructions AFP
  • BCB president Nazmul Hassan has told Mushfiqur Rahim that he was contract-bound to travel to Pakistan for the one-off ODI and second Test in Karachi - the last leg of a three-part tour - in April, saying that players must "think about the country, and not about themselves".

    "We are expecting that he would go," Hassan said at a press conference in Mirpur on Tuesday afternoon. "Not only him, but every contracted player should go. Players have to think about the country, and not just themselves. This is what I personally feel.

    "The country comes before everything else. Everyone should keep it in mind. We will remind them that the contracted players must play as they are told, when selected. It never occurred to me that one has to tell them this, too."

    Mushfiqur had refused to travel with the rest of the team for the first two legs, saying in January that his family was worried about his safety, but might not have a say in the matter anymore.

    It's a bit of a change of stance on the part of Hassan, who had said before the tour that players could choose whether to travel to Pakistan or not and that the board would respect the players' decision.

    "Let me say it simply: we also had fears about security, but now that we have played, and even someone from his family has played [brother-in-law Mahmudullah], will the family only cry about him but not when something happens to Riyad," Hassan said. "He should hear about Pakistan from Riyad or his other team-mates.

    "But look, I will not force anyone to go to Pakistan, so he should definitely go if he has spoken to the others."

    The ODI is scheduled for April 3, with the Test beginning on April 5. Pakistan had won the first Test, in Rawalpindi, by an innings and 44 runs.


Aug 16, 2015
United States
Bangladeshis were clearly being assholes. After all the vlogs by white people traveling to Pakistan, all of a sudden these guys wanted to create controversy and cheap fame by saying Pakistan is not safe. :lol:

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