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Mullah Omar aide Abdul Hai held in Afghan south

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    Mullah Omar aide Abdul Hai held in Afghan south
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    KABUL: An Afghan official has claimed that a top Taliban official with close ties to Mullah Omar was detained during a raid in Ghazni province.

    Mullah Abdul Hai Motma'in, a former Taliban spokesman in Kandahar province as well as the head of the Culture and Information Ministry during Taliban rule, is said to have been detained by Afghan and Coalition forces, according to reports in two Afghan news outlets.

    Sher Khan, the district governor of Andar in Ghazni, told media that Motma'in was likely detained along with two Taliban commanders known as Bismillah and Qadeem. Benawa, a prominent Pashto website, also reported that Motma'in was captured.

    But, during an interview with Benawa, a Taliban commander who identified himself as Mullah Fateh denied that Motma'in was in custody. Fateh said that Motma'in was not in Ghazni province at the time of the raid.

    US military and intelligence officials contacted by media did not comment on the status of Motma'in. ISAF stated today that two Taliban operatives were detained during a raid in Gelan district, but did not identify Motma'in.

    The Andar district in Ghazni is a known Taliban and al Qaeda hub in the southeast. The US military has conducted seven raids against al Qaeda cells in Andar since October 2008, according to ISAF press reports. Senior Taliban and al Qaeda foreign fighter facilitators are known to operate in the district.
    Mullah Omar aide Abdul Hai held in Afghan south