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Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari - The Case for Treason

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    Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari – The Case for Treason

    The real case against Nawaz and Zardari is for charges of Treason. It is not just a simple case of white collar crime. The massive scale at which the heist of the Pakistani Treasury has taken place calls out loudly for charges of Treason against them. These two degenerate politicians deliberately wanted to cause maximum harm to the state of Pakistan. In addition, there were foreign countries that were aiding and abetting these two individuals to commit these crimes. The internal Mafia had joined hands with the external enemy forces to cause these massive crimes against the state of Pakistan.

    The cases in the Courts of Pakistan should have been filed under the charges of Treason. And, the punishment for treason in most countries including Pakistan is death. The punishment that should really be meted out to Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari is for them to face the firing squads. Death through firing squads is the punishment that is meted out to culprits who are guilty of Treason.

    The family of Nawaz Sharif used to make metal utensils and manhole covers before Nawaz achieved political power in Pakistan. And, Nawaz family was not very successful businessmen. They did not have much capital. Nawaz was thankful and quite proud when he was finally able to purchase a second hand Morris Minor car.

    The family of Asif Zardari, although they owned some little land, could hardly be called a millionaire family before he married into the affluent Bhutto family. Asif Zardari barely subsisted on the proceeds of the Bambino Cinema in Karachi.

    Thus, how is it possible that these two degenerate persons, Nawaz and Zardari, now have wealth that is estimated to run into hundreds of billions of dollars? And, Nawaz even has the temerity to say that if I have wealth beyond my means, why should that matter to you? The answer is very simple, every penny that these individuals have now has been stolen from the people of Pakistan. And, the Pakistani people will never forgive them for ruining their country and their future.

    It is known that Nawaz Sharif facilitated Indian RAW agents through hiring the Indians in his ill-gotten factories. Nawaz also facilitated Indian RAW agents by giving the Indians easy Visa facilities. That is any Indian based flight that would land in Pakistan in Karachi, were given Visas on arrival. Many of these individuals would then simply melt away in the vast Metropolis of Karachi never to be heard from them ever again. It is also well known that Nawaz funneled billions of dollars in the Indian economy. Nawaz government would also let the Indian RAW agents go scot free that the Army or rangers had arrested them through their fine hard work.

    Both Nawaz and Zardari did not crack down on the Pakistani Taliban. It was well known to the security forces of Pakistan that Pakistani Taliban was just a proxy army of India to cause maximum damage within Pakistan. In Karachi, the security forces of Pakistan knew from early on that the MQM was supported and funded by India. This MQM had made Karachi, the Largest Muslim city in the world, a killing field. Innocent Pakistani were butchered in the thousands, and their bodies left to decay in jut bags. Nawaz Sharif protected major Indian spies like Kul Bashan Yadav and did not prosecute him or give him death penalty.

    The hundreds of billions of dollars that each Nawaz and Zardari have stolen from Pakistan were designed to cripple Pakistan and its strong defense forces. Since, the enemies of Pakistan could not defeat Pakistan on the battle field; they had resorted to supporting corrupt politicians within Pakistan. The financial damage that these two degenerate individuals have inflicted on the economy and people of Pakistan is irreparable.

    In summary, the real cases against both Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari are for Treason against the State of Pakistan. Treason and treachery are their real crimes against Pakistan. They should be tried for treason and subjected to death through the firing squads. If the courts of Pakistan let them go on the basis of health concerns or otherwise, it would be the greatest mockery of justice that could have ever taken place in the annals of prosecution and justice.
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    Our Judicial system is 100 years old.
    Like the General Gull said, we need new nizam and new constitution.
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    We 1861 judicial system. Sindh and Punjab garbage new police act and judicial reform bill, 5 years ago. They love century old feudal law to control the poor masses .
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