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MSPO 2018: PCO Premieres

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    During the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce, PCO will present their newest products: the miniaturized universal monocular MMU-3MS ( Zminiaturyzowany Monokular Uniwersalny), the integrated optoelectronic module ZMO-3 ( Zintegrowany Moduł Optoelektroniczny), and the new version of SCM-1 Szafir modular daytime scope.

    MU-3MS is currently one of the lightest night observation devices in the world

    The MU-3MS universal monocular will have its debut at the MSPO. It`s the newest night vision device produced by PCO and is designed for nighttime observation. It`s currently one of the smallest and lightest such devices in the world. MU-3MS is equipped with a 16mm INTENS image amplifier with improved detection, recognition and identification parameters. The manufacturer offers two types of imaging based on P43 (green phosphorus) and P45 - ONYX (high contrast white phosphorus technologies. The device has an autogating feature which protects it from sudden exposition increase and automatic amplification adjustment.

    Modernized DCM-1 Szafir will be presented during the trade show / Photos: PCO

    The new version of DCM-1 Szafir (Saphirre) modular day scope will also be showcased. The scope is designed for aiming and battlefield observation in daylight conditions. DCM-1 consists of short day scope LDK-4, and a mini collimator sight MK-1. The device can be configured according to mission/user preferences. MK-1 can be mounted at either end of the scope. The design is compact and durable, suitable for hard weather conditions. The scope is modified according to the feedback received from users.

    Third PCO`s premiere is the ZMO-3 integrated optoelectronic module, developed for the ZSMU Remote Controlled Weapon Station. The module consists of a thermal camera with 3-5 μm operating range, an assortment of cameras and a mono impulse rangefinder. These combined allow for detection, recognition, identification and range measurement of a target. The module is controlled by multifunction displays.

    PCO specializes in the manufacture of observation and aiming devices and uses laser, night-vision and thermal imaging technologies. Their products are mostly designed for military and other uniformed services. The company offers solutions ranging from individual soldiers needs to fighting vehicles equipment.

    Text comes from MILMAG - The Military Magazine.
    Read more at: https://www.milmag.eu/news/view?news_id=1311