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Modi begins to Fall Off


Feb 21, 2013
More allies putting pressure on BJP to put him down

Do allies grow on trees? Uddhav Thackeray takes on BJP | NDTV.com

Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has asked the BJP to explain how exactly it plans to draw new partners to the national coalition that it fronts, the National Democratic Alliance or NDA. "Allies don't exactly grow on trees," Mr Thackeray said today, declaring that the political ensemble now has just about enough members for a cosy tea party.

In an editorial in the Sena's magazine, Mr Thackeray warned the BJP that the decision to cast Narendra Modi as the face of its election campaign will place it off-limits for partners.

Mr Modi's recent promotion led to a major crisis for the NDA: regional powerhouse Nitish Kumar and his party, the Janata Dal (United) or JD(U), quit the coalition earlier this month. The JD(U) was the second-largest member of the alliance.

"Friends have to be nurtured for years with trust and service; they are not like seasonal crops which can be plucked when needed," Mr Thackeray said.

Without the JD(U), the NDA's primary members are the BJP, the Sena and the Akalis.

The Sena had recently suggested that it would like to see the BJP pick Sushma Swaraj as its prime ministerial candidate. Mr Thackeray today seemed to reiterate that Mr Modi's VVIP status could become a liability for the NDA, which needs more members to present a serious challenge to the ruling coalition that's led by the Congress.

"Is the BJP in a position to win the elections on its own strength? Who are its new friends, this must be made clear now," Mr Thackeray said.

Last week, BJP chief Rajnath Singh reportedly offered Mr Thackeray the post of Convenor of the NDA at a meeting in Mumbai, a post that was vacated by JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav when his party quit the alliance. BJP leader LK Advani is the coalition's chairman.

"The post of NDA convenor is vacant. But what will this person do? Call the other two parties for tea?" Mr Thackeray asked.


Sep 3, 2011
well In India many small parties are like oppurtunists. They will flow with the majorty. Let the BJP gain 180+ and see what happens!! And any intellegent man can understand it.


Jul 29, 2011
A Mass Murderer as PM of the country would do wonders for Indian Image.

Modi is too radical a Character to be picked by BJP, and has Polarized the Alliance.

The Alliance partners are jumping off the Sinking Ship like rats.

This Polarization has created desertions in the NDA Alliance and on the other hand it may unify and strengthen Congress and its allies.

Looks like in their euphoria BJP just shot itself in the foot and is now on a Self-Destruct mission.



Mar 19, 2011
A Mass Murderer as PM of the country would do wonders for Indian Image.
Except that he hasn't murdered anyone. A tiny detail.

On topic:

The BJP has painted itself into a corner in the way it has (mis)managed the rise of modi. On the one hand, Modi is their most popular leader by a long way, and the best hope for them for electoral success. On the other hand, most of their allies will feel difficult to be allies with Modi being given such prominence. Even if Modi can win them 50 additional seats than their previous performance (a very generous hypothesis) - they will lose a lot more than 50 supporting MPs, which means that they will still be in the opposition. There is no way for BJP (or any other party) to have an absolute majority, not even close.

Earlier the BJP was more about being a party, a movement, with a lot of "firsts among equals". Many "top" leaders who were equally important, many of them young. (Sushma, Arun jaitley, Mahajan, etc etc). However, now BJP seems to be completely clueless, and projecting itself as the party of Narendra Modi. They seem to have lost any other sense of identity, unable to proclaim what they party stands for, what their vision for India is, except to say "We are the party of Narendra Modi". Similar to the Congress being centered around the family.

It's a conundrum for the BJP - should they press on with Modi, and hopefully get a few more seats for themselves, or should they tone down the Modi-centricness and win some allies to their side? After all, even more important than how many seats you win in the election, is whether or not you can cobble together the numbers required to form the next government. I wouldn't envy the jobs of the BJP's campaign managers this time.


May 20, 2012
Modi is media and big corporate hyped balloon :rolleyes:
ohhhhhhhhhhhh dont destroy the hopes of so many MAGIC Modi nantards!

Modi will bring India to +10 % growth despite a global recession! With Modi there wont be a SINGLE rape case! Modi will make Tejas into a 5th gen super fighter ! Modi will destroy terrorism ... etc etc

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