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Ministry of Intelligence: England would pay for Iran's insecurity/Iran International is a terrorist organization


Dec 8, 2011
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Ministry of Intelligence: England would pay for Iran's insecurity/Iran International is a terrorist organization


According to IRNA, minister of Intelligence Hojjatul Islam Seidas Ismail Khatib said :
Undoubtedly, the biggest "operation of influence" against a country in the world to destabilize and disrupt, through combined operations, is what that has been carried out around the unrest and in the post-unrest period by the United States, England, the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia.
He added, in the recent incidents, the hand of the Zionist regime was more obvious in the implementation; England was more clearly involved in the propaganda and spending by the Saudi regime; The entire financial support of the Berlin show in the field of advertising, space creation, renting equipment for filming and providing facilities for the presence of journalists, distribution of food, etc., was done at the expense of Saudi Arabia.
Khatib continued: We will never support terrorist acts and insecurity in other countries like England, but we will not have a commitment to prevent the occurrence of insecurity in these countries, so the UK will pay for its actions to make the great country of Iran insecure. He emphasized: The Iran International Network is designated as a terrorist organization by Iran's security apparatus and its operatives will be wanted by the minister of Intelligence, and from now on, any kind of connection with this terrorist organization will be considered as entering the terrorist domain and threatening national security.

ps: he made serious allegations against saudis and officially.

Iraqi soldier


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Oct 12, 2022
What is happening in Iran is exactly what is happening in Iraq

But the good news

Their truth will come out and society will bury them for decades

It is true that it is painful and with some losses

But tell you from experience

The profits will be great

The community will be aware and understand the plots

Those who claim to love Iran, its interest and progress will be rejected

In Iraq we needed Couble Years

I hope that it will be quick in Iran and that they learn from what happened in Iraq and how the enemy exploits people's emotions against their interests and for destructive political ends.

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