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Military establishment vs. Traditional politicians | Brief comparison



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Jul 27, 2020
On one side we've got our old Desi culture of a patriarch or elder who runs everything as they see fit they use family loyalty, biradari connections, and the patronage collected in terms of money and power to sustain their rule.

They are the landed elites of the country that want to run the country divided amongst their personal fiefdoms to do as they please irrespective of the state and its laws.

People fail to realize that Pakistan's first dictatorship were a civilian clique that ruled from independence till Ayub's coup by which point the people were growing increasingly hostile to them making them rely more and more on the military to hold on to power, doing all that they could to not give the Pakistani people a constitution, an election and, rule on a given mandate.

Today these people have taken up the veneer of Liberalism by simply holding up secularism and democracy so as to undermine Pakistan's unity through Islam and then going right ahead and supporting cancerous ethno-nationalist ideologies which outs them as the xenophobic, Alt. Right that they really are.

If they don't feel secure or in-charge they start peddling anti-state sentiments. Look at the feudal cesspit of PPP and how they constantly start talking about Sindudesh whenever their disgusting rule in Sindh is criticized.

Even PMLN is now promoting Punjabi nationalism and even Baloch separatist groups by bringing the relatives of top terrorist leaders on to the public stage as "rights activists" .

And on the other side you have the military which is an organization/system set up by the British and traces its roots to Sandhurst and even West Point. It's the only collective of the Middle class in the entire country with any power or influence.

Not to mention its the only institution in the country that works as its supposed to. Pakistan has god awful law enforcement and Judiciary, they are highly politicized institutions filled with people loyal to our politicians who are, again, essentially feudal lords and tribal leaders.

So law enforcement and judiciary can't hold the elites, the bureaucracy, and the politicians accountable which is just how they like it.

Unfortunately since the military is the only institution in the country that works they have to come in for clean-up when the feudals are going more nuts than usual.

And what does a military as an institution in any nation-state do when in such a situation? It launches a coup.

Politicians that are currently in the opposition (belonging to the same parties that both Zia and Musharraf orchestrated coups against) would rather that the military and intelligence bodies of Pakistan be brought down to the level of the rest of the weaker institutions than have the weaker institutions reform and become stronger and more effective.

The military is the only institution in the country where people advance by merit. For this reason our military and intelligence services are the only institutions of the country that can compete which they are able to do as among the best internationally.

if it were under the control of our politicians, the results would be disasterous, especially as our country is situated on geo-strategic fault line.

It would become bloated with unnecessary and unqualified people connected to our politicians who are only there to reap the benefits/perks leeching off of it; and advancement into higher rank wouldn't be by merit but again by connections to politicians.

An important factor about the military is that it is something of a uniting factor for the country other than religion (a factor that would be greatly undermined if weakened in this manner).

There are over a dozen ethnic groups and languages in Pakistan, multiple sects of Islam along with other religions but there is only one Pakistani armed forces for all these people.

Which is why the military is by FAR the most popular and respected institution in the country and also why the fassadis are always trying to undermine it with feverish obsession.


Feb 3, 2016
With the current colonial model of governance The real stake holders which iclude the select few families, industrialists and civil and military beauracracy should devise a startegy on how to be in a much better bargaining position so to extract the best from any deal they make with the Whiteman . I mean you can't always project a daughter of the east, navaz or handsome i.k to get your free handouts and in case of ran out of luck scenario , loans on interests for "state busniess"

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