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MIDLAS | Turkish type Vertical Launch System


Mar 2, 2018

The first test firing of the National Vertical Launch System (MİDLAS) was successfully carried out. During the ground test, both the vertical launch system and the air defense missile used in the system were tested.

The first test firing of the National Vertical Launch System MİDLAS, one of the most critical projects of the Turkish defense industry, was successfully carried out. Within the scope of the test, the HİSAR-RF Air Defense Missile was fired from MİDLAS. MİDLAS will be used on the TCG ISTANBUL (F-515), the first of the MİLGEM ISTIF Class Frigates, which are planned to be commissioned in 2023.

In a statement made by the Ministry of National Defense, "The first firing test of the National Vertical Launch Launch Launcher System (MİDLAS) produced by Roketsan was successfully carried out. MİDLAS will be integrated into the ISTANBUL frigate for the first time in 2023 and will enter the inventory of our Naval Forces."


Murat İkinci, General Manager of Roketsan, said: "Our Engineers and Technicians successfully gave the best answer to those who thought they could stop us with embargoes. MiDLAS will add strength to the power of our Naval Forces. Thanks to all our stakeholders. First of all, we were able to successfully fire the Hisar-D RF, the naval version of our Hisar-O RF air defense missile, from MİLDAS. In the next stages, also Siper Block-1 and Atmaca will be launched from MİLDAS."

In a statement made to SavunmaSanayiST.com in March 2022, Murat İKİNCİ, General Manager of Roketsan, said: "We will use HİSAR-RF together with the National Vertical Launch Launcher System (MİDLAS) on TCG İSTANBUL. The MİDLAS Project will go in phases. In its advanced configurations, we will continue our work to provide both cruise missile and anti-ship missile launching and Quad-Pack capability.

MİDLAS will be directly integrated into TCG İSTANBUL (F-515) after the land tests to be carried out in the second half of this year. Sea tests will be carried out on TCG ISTANBUL after the integration activities to be completed in 2023.

In quad-pack and single-pack configurations for naval platforms: HISAR variants, SIPER variants, ATMACA, GEZGIN and other types of cruise missiles will be MIDLAS certified. A land-based variant for fixed installation defense will also be developed for MIDLAS.

MIDLAS is a quad-pack capable vertical launch system with flexible options (inc peripheral variants later) and wide weapon options that can meet the needs of both the navy and other forces. There are only 7-8 countries in the world that have developed such a launch system, and only 4 of them are in widespread use. As for the quad-pack cell capability, the US is currently the only widespread supplier.

The US embargo has created a competitor in the market.

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