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MHA gives ₹12,434.90 crore for 32 roads on India-China border

Sheikh Rauf

Aug 24, 2014
China this
Chins That
Yawn yawn

All talk .......... TOLD YOU SO 6 months ago
Lets talk about india then
10 rounds of talk proposed by india .. went all down
india bought rafale 6 of them compare to China who have large fleet just for mountain region
india cud not take their arjun tanks cuz they are heavy and not made for mountain region
indian army doesnt even prepare for long haul for this winter.
indian doesnt even have proper uniform for -20 and more
india proposing this or that will do this or that lost your land and this 56inches chest humping leader doing what, oh maybe doing somthing against china in FTFA lol..
you dont have afghanistan where you cant send terrorist or have your consulate along with chines border.. your chicken neck is thin.

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