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Meera announces to join PM Imran Khan’s PTI

Sep 26, 2018
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United Kingdom
It is Meera making the announcement herself, which along with other things she can do as she wishes. There is no statement or announcement from PTI officials or any mention from PTI leadership. As a citizen she can vote for any party, it doesn’t mean she is a party official. So stop spreading rumors and lies.
She can fight on twitter-like Veena Malik, probably before that, she might have to get some English lessons. :lol:
So is this how low PMLN trolls and propagandist are going to stoop to? Have some ghairat and shame.
It's a piece of big news on most of the media outlets, maybe for fun sake!
Now take a look at this dirty old man - look how fixated his eyes are:
I tend not to go on that path, trust me there are hundreds of images and stories
available of .....

In the end, I would suggest just calm down it's only a funny news covered in the media, which many here took it lightly. :cheers:


Sep 8, 2017
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Pakistani actress Meera has announced her entry in politics and will join the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Meera said she would soon hold a press conference about her joining the PTI.

“I am heartbroken with the world of showbiz and have decided to join politics,” she told a private news channel.

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In 2013 the actress had announced that she would contest the polls against PTI chairman Imran Khan and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)’s Sarfaraz Nawaz. Meera had the electoral symbol black coat and had reportedly contested for the Lahore constituency NA-126.

Obviously, she didn’t gather enough votes, and that is why she’s not a member of the National Assembly. The Parey Hut Love star isn’t the first celeb to delve into politics.

Previously, singer and philanthropist Abrar-ul-Haq contested in the 2013 elections from Narowal for the NA-78 constituency. He was contesting for PTI against Ahsan Iqbal.

Former model Abbas Jaffri also competed for PTI from PS-125. Meanwhile, actor Sajid Hassan contended for the NA 246 independently.

Meera previously made headlines for her statement in which she showed her interest to marry the Prime Minister, Imran Khan. The actor had earlier said that she was willing to marry the cricketer-turned-politician.

Responding to a question about her earlier statements on marrying the politician, Meera said her remarks were still valid and she was waiting for Imran to approach her.

Meera is the ultimate queen of creating controversies and news around her. The actress earlier claimed that she was a real-life heroine. Recently, it was also in the news that Meera was admitted to a mental asylum in the US.

Earlier, she also took to social media to make the Pakistan government and Prime Minister Imran Khan aware of her being trapped in a hotel room in New York amid quarantine.

Jis party mai amir liaqat jysa shaks ho sakta ha meera ka ana sa kya farq parta ha lakin iss waqt PAKISTAN ko jis party sa sub sa zyada khatra ha wo ha (PPP) ya corrupt mujrimon ka tola kuch bhe kar sakta ha iss na Karachi ka jo hashar kya ha wo sub ka samna ha or ya shiagardi ke aar mai pura PAKISTAN halat kharab karwa sakti ha...
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Apr 27, 2012
It simply baffles me how Kaptaan can't help himself in Collecting Trash, in the party and in the cabinet. I can name dozens of them along with their entire history.
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he is the Prime minister of Pakistan and he is not allowed to import honest people to run this country, he is making best of what he can get in Pakistan....news: Sheikh Rasheed found involved in corruption!!

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