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Massive weapon upgrade by Indian Army


Apr 28, 2011

Massive weapon upgrade by Indian Army During the FY 2022-23, the Indian Army got the least share of budget among the tri-services of Rs 0.32 trillion or $4.28 billion. It has decreased by 12.24% from last year. If you are wondering why, it’s because Army has underspent in last financial year. The budget allocated to the tri-services is related to their spend in last financial year. Indian Army had spent only 40 per cent of its budgetary estimates. As we already in the mid of 2nd last quarter of FY 2022-23, the army has begun its massive upgrade plan and has released various AoN & RFIs for the procurement of defence hardware. We could expect more procurement orders from armed forces. In today’s video we are going to discuss in detail the latest procurement plan by Indian army and their importance.

15,000 Ballistic Helmet

Indian army has released an AoN for 15,000 Ballistic Helmet under buy Indian-IDDM category through Fast Track Procurement process. Talking about ballistic protection, the helmet should provide equal protection throughout the covered area of the helmet against 9x19 mm FMJ/Pb bullets at 430 +- 15 m/s from 5 m. The Ballistic Helmet should protect against 7.62x39 mm Hard Steel Core bullets at 700 + 15 m/s from 10m.

5000 9 X 19MM Machine Pistol

Indian army has released second AoN for 5000 9 X 19MM Machine Pistol under buy Indian category through Fast Track Procurement process. The expected range of the machine pistol is 100m. The gun should not weigh more than 2.5kg without ammunition. It should have magazine capacity of 30 rounds with rate of fire of not less than 600 rounds per minute. It should not have length more than 650mm in extended condition and 500mm in folded condition. Asmi is indigenous 9mm sub-machine gun which fits in this category. The gun has been jointly developed by Lt Colonel Prasad Bansod of the army’s Infantry school & DRDO. Asmi falls under the category of both compact sub machine guns and machine pistol as it is a fully automatic, magazine fed, hand-based gun designed to fire pistol cartridges. The sub-machine gun costs approx. INR 50,000. The gun has a length of 382mm in butt folded condition and 612mm while butt extended. The Asmi has two barrel configuration 7.2-inch and 6.5-inch and has a weight of around 2 kilograms. The Asmi chambers in 9×19mm Parabellum in service rounds & uses a 33 round glock magazine. The machine pistol has a range of 100m and rate of fire of around 600 rounds per min.

1,612 Ballistic Shields

Indian army has released third AoN for 1,612 Ballistic Shields (NIJ IV/BIS 6) with Harness under buy Indian-IDDM category through Fast Track Procurement process. The Ballistic Shield (NIJ Level IV/ BIS 6) with Harness should provide ballistic protection from 7.62 x 39 mm Hard Steel Core & 7.62 x 54R API bullets from a distance of 10m plus minus 0.5m. Ballistic Shields are used to protect from the steel core bullets which can pierce through the bullet proof jacket. These shields have been widely used by RR & Para SF jawans during their anti-terrorist operation in J&K. They mostly use TAC III ballistic shield which is the largest and heaviest shield made by the US manufacturer.

7,000 Body Worn Camera System

Indian army has released 4th AoN for 7,000 Body Worn Camera System (1920 x 1080 Pixel) under buy Indian-IDDM category through Fast Track Procurement process. The Body Worn Camera (BWC) is a small, audio/ video recording device which is worn and attached to the uniform, usually on the chest. It is used to capture real time video & image when the soldier wearing it is present at an incident or operation site.

3,400 Night Sight

(TI) for Carl Gustav Services Procurement Board (SPB) has accorded Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) for procurement of 3,400 Night Sight (TI) & Telescopic Bracket Assembly for 84mm Recoilless Rifle Carl Gustav MK III as Buyer Nominated Equipment (BNE) from OF Dehradun. The Uncooled Thermal Imaging Sight should facilitate firing of all in service ammunition viz HEAT 551, HEAT 751, HEDP, HE, Smoke and Illumination.


May 17, 2022
Its no surprise that its all a preparation for launching war against Pak. On the behest of their own hindutva as well as the zionist western powers.

Massive military buildup at the Pak borders. Now waiting fir that moment to pounce…..

Ghazwa e hind.

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