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Massive naval exercice to be held by France with allies

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    No less than twenty ships, including the Charles de Gaulle and its air wing group, and four foreign ships, will evolve next week off the coast of Provence.

    These units are mobilized for PEAN, tactical exercise constituting the final phase of the operational preparation of the French air carrier group before its next deployment, scheduled for early 2020.

    "This training aims to forge the capacity of the naval force to operate in anti-submarine, anti-ship, anti-aircraft warfare etc. and to increase the level of training of all units and crews comprising the carrier group. Less than 6 months after the end of the Clemenceau mission conducted last spring, PEAN 19 gives France a trained and combat-ready battle group, "explains the French Navy.

    Independently or in groups more or less important, until the big exercise of "synthesis" envisaged at the beginning of December, the units will be confronted to different scenarios to test their crews and operational capacities: fight against air threats, anti-surface, anti-submarine, mines warfare, asymmetric threats ...

    French side, in addition to the Charles de Gaulle and its air wing (Rafale Marine, Hawkeye and helicopters), will also engage among others,the air defense frigate Chevalier Paul, the multi-mission frigate Auvergne, one to two Mistral amphibious helicopter carriers, one to two high-seas patrol boats, at least one minesweeper, the Var and Somme command and supply ships , as well as the Loire metropolitan support and assistance ship.

    Four foreign ships will participate in the exercice, including an American destroyer, a Spanish frigate and submarine, and an Italian frigate.

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