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Mass Grave found Kashmir!


Feb 11, 2008
Mass graves in Kashmir raise rights violation stink

Sun,30 Mar 2008

Relatives of people missing in Kashmir said on Friday they had found up to 1,000 unmarked graves in border villages near Uri, and urged international agencies to help them identify the dead.

Members of the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) fear that their relatives who disappeared following arrests by security agencies in the restive region might be buried in those graves.

"We have found 940-1,000 nameless graves and there are many more, but these bodies have been claimed as those of foreign militants," said Parvez Imroz, a prominent human rights activist and patron of APDP. There were many more graves around Uri in Baramullah district where the buried people have been claimed as foreign militants, he said after the APDP released a report Facts Under Ground.

He said that Atta Mohammad Khan, a caretaker of a graveyard at Bimyar village, had told APDP that only six out of 203 graves there had names on them. He said that 235 unidentified bodies were found in two graveyards at Kichama village, while 200 were buried in Bijhama village. Imroz said that the fact-finding team visited 18 villages in all.

He said the investigations were conducted with the permission of the district magistrate and the army. “We don’t know anything about the findings,” said Mehboob Iqbal, Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir.

"It offers us some hope that the disappeared persons might be buried in these graves”, Imroz said, adding that up to 10,000 people may have disappeared in the state since 1990. The state has on various occasions put the number of missing between 60 and 3,941.

The army, according to AFP, rejected claims that the graves contained bodies of anyone besides rebels. “Those who have been buried in these villages were killed in well established encounters over the past two decades,” it quoted army spokesman Anil Kumar Mathur as saying.

"Some were killed along the Line of Control and their bodies brought to these villages as they are closer to the border,” he said.

Mass graves in Kashmir raise rights violation stink- Hindustan Times


Feb 11, 2008
i'm surprised to see that no one has commented on this. this is exactly why i, along with plenty of other kashmiri's don't see a peaceful and political solution to kashmir. on top of that, india has be recommended for the UN security council.

i hope pakistan turns the heat on india, it's time we moved from being on the defensive to offensive.

APHC felicitates people on Pakistan day | 4 troops killed, 1 youth martyred in IHK Srinagar, March 23 (KMS): The All Parties Hurriyet Conference felicitating the Government and people of Pakistan on the Pakistan Day, today, has expressed confidence that the on going developments in the country will usher it in a new era of peace and stability.

The APHC spokesman in a statement in Srinagar pointed out that the people of Kashmir appreciate Pakistan’s unswerving commitment to their right to self-determination.

On the other hand, an extraordinary function was organized in Srinagar today to celebrate the Pakistan Day. Senior Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani and other speakers hoped that Pakistan would stay steadfast in its stand on Kashmir and continue to extend its political, diplomatic and moral support to Kashmiris’ just cause.

In a similar function in Islamabad, the leaders of the APHC-AJK Chapter reiterated that stability of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was imperative for bringing about a lasting solution of the Kashmir dispute.

Earlier, four Indian troops were killed and two injured in an attack at Telbal in the outskirts of Srinagar. Following the attack, the troops in vengeance shot dead one innocent Kashmiri youth in the area. An Indian army Captain and a trooper were critically injured in a grenade blast at Gadhi in Jammu.
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happy pakistan day, people.:pakistan:

Asif Afridi


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Sep 7, 2007
Kashmir police refuse body demand
Police in Indian-administered Kashmir have rejected a demand for the identification of up to 1,000 bodies, said to be buried in unmarked graves.

A Kashmir-based rights group says it has found the graves, which it alleges could contain the remains of civilians who went missing after their arrest.

A BBC correspondent has been to two of the sites said to contain the bodies.

The Indian army and militants have been accused of numerous human rights abuses in Kashmir in the past two decades.

The Association of the Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) has identified a dozen villages in the area around Uri, near the Line of Control that divides Kashmir, where it says nearly 1,000 unidentified people have been buried.

It has demanded that the bodies are identified.

'Foreign militants'

The BBC's Altaf Hussain says that one of the locations identified by the APDP is in Kichama village, 62 kilometres from of Srinagar, the summer capital of Kashmir.

He says that none of the more than 200 apparent graves there has anything to identify the names of the deceased.

The villagers say they have no idea who they were and that the police told them the men were foreign militants killed in fighting with the Indian troops.

According to the villagers, the bodies were either charred, or their faces were mutilated beyond recognition.

But they say the first two bodies exhumed within weeks of their burial were of two civilians allegedly killed in police custody in Srinagar.

The police officer accused of killing them has since absconded.

Last year, police in other parts of Kashmir exhumed at least five bodies of civilians alleged to have died in extra-judicial killings who the authorities said were foreign militants.

Investigation demand

A prominent human rights activist and advisor to the APDP, Pervez Imroz, says the Indian security forces have used the presence of foreign militants as a way of covering up custodial killings.

He says the government should come clean on the issue, by allowing an investigation by the International Commission on Disappeared Persons.

The inspector general of police in the Kashmir valley, SM Sahai, has dismissed the demand, saying the police have investigated all cases of disappearances reported to it and have registered cases for investigation wherever necessary.

The APDP says more than 8,000 people have disappeared in Kashmir in the past two decades.

The government has given conflicting figures, ranging from 3,700 to 111.

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