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Nov 28, 2012
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In Manbij, big fish fall into the net of Syrian intelligence
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According to the Russian news agency Sputnik, intelligence agents from various countries were arrested by the Syrian army in Manbij, northeastern Syria.

The presence of secret agents in this part of Syria testifies to the existence of underlying cells whose mission would be to coordinate the passage of terrorists and agents of foreign countries in Syria, many of which have already been identified and eliminated during the crisis in the country.

Previous reports have documented the existence of coordination centers for military and terrorist operations in northern and southern Syria, such as those in the cities of Adana in Turkey, Moka in Jordan, and Mayer in northern Syria, near Aleppo. These cells of operations have therefore been the gateway for many terrorists and secret agents from different countries who support terrorist operations.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, elements from 120 countries, including intelligence agents from the Air Force, have rallied to terrorist groups. Their main mission was to train the emerging terrorists in battle and teach them how to design and fire bombs and terrorist operations.

About 360,000 terrorists from different countries, in more than 103 groups, fought in Syria during the eight years of war. Many intelligence agents have been deployed to areas close to Syria to plan and supervise their operations. The Syrian military and security forces have even repeatedly identified and arrested suspects, particularly in northern Syria and in the border areas where terrorist actions were on the rise.

Soldiers and secret agents of Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who played an important role in the developments in Syria, were arrested by Syrian forces. In demining operations in the liberated areas, they also found documents and evidence of their deaths in clashes with the Syrian army.

In addition, on May 17, a group of French soldiers was arrested while apparently heading for the city of Qamichli in Hassake province.

With regard to the recent arrests in Manbij, one of the Israeli intelligence agents arrested is David Schlummo; undeniable proof of Tel-Aviv's involvement in the Syrian crisis.

When Israel's regime began cooperating with terrorists during the occupation of Yarmouk camp near Damascus, in order to recover the bodies of its own military, the arrest of an intelligence agent is without no doubt of major importance for Tel Aviv.

In the post-crisis period, one can guess that diplomatic ballets with Damascus will be held in all discretion to obtain pledges for the release of secret agents held in Syria. For the disclosure of this information would be a blow to the credibility of the intelligence services of the countries concerned.

source: https://www.presstv.com/DetailFr/2018/12/31/584482/De-gros-fish-in-the-filts-of-Damas

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