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Major cities may be closed down if current Covid-19 wave continues, warns Asad Umar


Mar 5, 2020
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
They are probably not catching even the majority of those with symptons let alone the asymptomatic ones.

In BD, they are testing only around 35,000 people a day with a population 2.5x that of the UK. UK tests I think around 1 million a day now.

All countries like Pakistan and BD can do is to catch the majority of those with symptons that are likely to be "superspreaders" and in high-hazard occupations like healthcare, and take them out of circulation to stop them infecting others.

BD has definitely turned the corner as new cases have been coming down for over a week now, and unless there the virus variants are totally different in Pakistan, then it is possible and I have every faith that the Pakistani government will do whatever it takes to bring this virus under control quickly.
Yeah first time in many years I am able to say the incumbent Pakistan government is decent enough to do the right thing. Just cannot say the same about average Pakistani's they are not risk averse and even with full knowledge and information in front of them - they will act dumb. So god help them.

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