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Featured Madrassahs and Mosques Announce Protest on Govt Decision to Reveal Sources of Income

Enigma SIG

Feb 20, 2009
It should be made mandatory for mosques to register as a charity if they intend and "insist" on collecting money. More often that not, this income is used for qabza of land and guaranteeing the paish imam's monthly income in addition to a myriad of foreign funding issues.

We have to demonetize bank notes larger than 50 and move everyone to a digital currency. I have cut down on the use of bank notes and exclusively try to use digital payments unless there's no alternative.

You'd be ending

1. Bribery and Corruption
2. Begging
3. Unknown sources of funding that includes foreign influence on curriculum, which includes geopolitical/geostrategic brainwashing

Using data analytics, the government in essence can track money flows to and from objects of interest with utmost ease. Corporations can tag their transactions for easy tax filing and returns.

Plus I don't have to carry smelly bank notes anymore.


Feb 19, 2007
Haram-khor Madrassas...
There are good and bad people everywhere.

Government want to know Madrassahs and Mosques source of income to prevent any money laundering and terror financing and if any religious organizations fails to provide this information then Government can legally take action against them.


May 11, 2019
I saw my local mosque imam move from an old bicycle to a land cruiser in just 5 - 8 years. He now roams around with armed body guards. Wonder why a local imam of a mosque needs armed body guard?

This same mosque was under construction when I was a kid, now I have my own kids and the mosque is still under construction. There is tons load of money that is collected in the name of mosque construction during every Thursday, Friday, Ramzan and Eid prayers. Wonder why the mosque's construction never completes?

Just look around and you'll find such mosque near you own home as well that is under construction for eternity.
that's the point, mosque in my area was also never completed while 3 4 other mosques sprung around in no spawn of time. Number of donations going there is huge but the condition of students living in the madrassah adjacent is pathetic. It is like some beggers living there who are happy to find out when someone sends them outside food. This should not be the case instead number of students should be less but treated with respect and dignity.


May 27, 2015
Madrassahs and Mosques Announce Protest on Govt Decision to Reveal Sources of Income
Posted 27 mins ago by Syeda Masooma

Muslims praying in Masjid

Wifaqul Madaris Al-Arabia – the apex body of seminaries at the federal level – has announced a protest in Islamabad on January 26 regarding amendments in Waqf Property Act, reported Express Tribune.
The announcement came with a statement from the body terming the amendments as ‘infringement’ on the freedom of mosques and seminaries.
The Act requires mosques and seminaries to disclose their source of income and the identities of the donors.
Wifaqul Madaris Nazim, Maulana Qazi Abdul Rashid, demanded the government to withdraw amendments in Waqf Property Act.

FATF Wants Pakistan to Speed up Completion of Action Plan

Addressing a presser at Jamat-e-Islami office, he said, “The amendments in Waqf Property Act infringe the freedom of mosques and seminaries.”

“The freedom of madrassas and mosques was being curtailed at the behest of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and other powers,” Qazi said, adding that if the government did not withdraw new provisions in the Act, they would start the second phase of the movement.

Qazi said that questioning donors of mosques and seminaries are tantamount to harassing them. He said, “We are ready to give expenditure details of madrassas but will not open our accounts in banks.”
He also said that they wanted a one-window operation for the registration of madrassas. However, the procedure of registration with the government has not yet been finalized.

They are protesting because they will not lie when they will declare their incomes.

Mujahid Memon

Apr 24, 2012
Its a good decision. Should include every worship place of every religious/sect. Along with that, govt should also publish complete information of their spending on various projects.


Dec 31, 2019
Only those who have something to hide would protest and argue against full disclosure of their sources of income.
Pakistani government should also install keyloggers on every Pakistani computer. Only those who have something to hide will protest against this policy. Right? You know security reasons are always a good pre-text for any governmental tyranny.

Muslims bad and general suspicion is therefore allowed here. When I would say that Hindus could be used by India and Christians and their missionary friends from abroad who fund their stuff are a also trying to undermine Pakistan and its government people would say: "No Bro, you are an Islamist. Hindus and Christians are loyal subjects of Pakistani state, every Hindu and Christian of Pakistan is an army officer and more loyal than Muslim Pakistanis!!!"

We have picked up on a local Church getting donations from some concerned quarters in Europe & North America.
Not that they are involved in Terrorism or extremism, they came on our radar due to their activities & potential to be used for Intelligence gathering operation in the remote areas

If they have nothing to hide then why the worry. Nobody is taking their donations away but the reaction suggests they don't want the public to find out the sources of their income.
"Nothing to hide", I also have nothing to hide and don't want the state to know all my sources of income (not possible here in Germany though).

Plus I don't have to carry smelly bank notes anymore.
You want the state to know about every transaction you make?

The unfortunate reality. As soon as the religion card is played ("deen khatre mein hae") and street protests begin the government will fold.
It's better to have a government that fears its citizens than having citizens fearing the government. If the government wants to be heard they need to give the people a good reason for its existence. A reason Pakistani governments often fail to provide.

yes churches are used as terrorists headquarters in pakistan
Foreign missionaries have a history and are experts in agitation.

such as
anti islam?
whats wrong with it?
Are you mentally challengd or just a Hindu troll? No propaganda against the state religion is allowed.

That said, find out from where our elites have the money. The private bank accounts of politicians should be transparent for everybody. Make a law that banks have to publish the monthly bank statement of the haramkhoors in power. Then you can go after the village madrassah and ask them why Iltutmish from Germany send you 500 Euros for Urdu textbooks.

People don't trust the government and don't want to share their income with a corrupt government who will become very greedy after knowing that. This is the main reason.

And: money cannot be hidden, if someone gets a huge amount of money or has lifestyle not compatible with their profession or life situation, people will notice and can take legal actions against that. No need for Big Brother Pakistani style.


Mar 14, 2017
United Kingdom
Good move!

Perhaps PTI should set an example by finally disclosing its own foreign and local source of funding :rolleyes1:
I agree 100%. There is defintely something off with their own foreign funding - PTI has been desperate to cover it up.


On the main topic...

1. This is an absolute must. Every single one should publish annual accounts and provide evidence of all income. Our masjid in the UK does it, it's not difficult.

2. This must apply to all religious institutes, not just Muslim ones.

3. This should also include all the pirs and darbars.

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