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Madhya Pradesh Home Minister's Possibly Stupid Views on Women


Sep 21, 2013
New Zealand
So here is the quote italicized and the link will be provided below.

"At a function on Thursday, Mr. Gaur, who has courted controversy before with his remarks on how marriage was not a contract as men were worshipped as gods by their wives, said women in Chennai were relatively safe as they “visit temples regularly” and are “fully dressed.”

The Madhya Pradesh capital has one of the highest rates in India for crimes against women. In Chennai, in 2012, the rates of crimes against women — calculated by dividing the total number of crimes by the female population — was 19.32; for Bhopal district, it was 71.38, and for the whole of Madhya Pradesh, 71.38.

During the inauguration of the Ayodhya Nagar Police Station here on Thursday Mr. Gaur, who met top police officials in Chennai during his visit, said: “They said that women are religious and hence, they are fully clothed. That’s why the crime rate there is lower than many other States.”

Now I will point out why this statement is borderline stupid, as amusing as it is.

He ignores, the law and order situation, the literacy rates, the cultural differences of the states.

The second point is, by neglecting to point this out, he is missing out on the most effective way to eradicate poverty and that is to educate, empower and enlighten the female gender.

Thirdly, violence against Women also occur in many forms. Domestic violence, dowry, female infanticide, does it get stopped by being fully clothed? No. I couldn't care less about going to Temples as it is your personal choice and religiosity can help instill values of discipline and humility in you.

Fourthly, he insults Indian Men, because we are basically in his eyes animals that is just waiting for not fully clothed females to ravage. This is shifting the culpability from the Woman to the Man. What he is implying is that Men in India is so depraved, that we lose control at the slightest hint of flesh.


Sep 29, 2011
If South Indians are so religious then why doesn't BJP or any local saffron party has presence there???
Oct 17, 2013
If South Indians are so religious then why doesn't BJP or any local saffron party has presence there???
Possibly because they do not have to defend Hinduism from islam as much as they needed to do in the north. Of course in TN, Dravidian movement was an Anti-Hindu movement that created a religious vacuum which was exploited by christianity.

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