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Feb 13, 2012
RASED PSDSARC monitoring system

RASED can locate snipers before or after firing:


- Before the firing, the electro-optical system in the detector can locate enemy snipers by observing binoculars.
- After the firing , the radar system can determine the velocity, direction and trajectory of the projectile and the firing position..

It can also work with the audio monitoring system manufactured locally also..

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Sep 28, 2018
HADAQ system from KACST

What is the Hadaq system?

Hadaq system is an electronic surveillance system equipped with advanced digital reception systems, airborne on unmanned aircraft.

What is it used for?

- Hadaq is used in electronic monitoring and to discover the locations and types of emitters (radars, communications devices, or others "
- Predict system can analyze the type of captured signals and classify them.
- Hadaq identifies the type of emitter, whether it is a radar or any other system.
- Hadaq collects and adds targets and locations to the cyberthreat library.

System advantages?

- Fully covered broad spectrum bandwidth (0.5-18GHZ)
- A small, lightweight, and easy-to-carry system on unmanned aerial vehicles "16kg only".
- Determine the direction and source of signals and their types.

It is a development of CSIR South Africa. but its project was discontinued.. so it transferred the system's technology to KACST and then sold its rights to the Swedish company SAAB through its branch in South Africa.

The system on Seeker II



Saqr-1 will be one of the few UAVs in the world capable of capturing, identifying and classifying radar waves..Then attacking it, which makes it highly capable of SEAD / DEAD operations..

It also has high capabilities in reconnaissance and espionage through the collection, analysis and classification of ESM and ELINT..And adding signals and emitters to the forces' electronic threats library..

Turkey and KSA relations are warming again, Sauidi may interest ANKA-I (if it is available to sale)

The SC

Feb 13, 2012
The Saudi Navy will be on a great date in 2021 .. With TOT

• Inaugurating a frigate - MMCS - which is the most powerful warship in the region

• The completion of the delivery of the best marine and anti-submarine and ships helicopter MH-60

• The inauguration of the Queen of the Seas and the killer of submarines and ships - P8 Poseidon -

Striking and strategic capabilities launched at once will take the Saudi Navy to great levels

In addition to launching - Navantia Corvette - by transferring technology to manufacture 60% of its military systems

• The launch of the French FS-56 missile boats

The two best offensive - and defensive weapons in the area:

Delivery of 154 fighters - F15SA - is complete
• And the launch of the THAAD system

• Delivery of 70 Apache E helicopters is complete
• Delivery of 72 Black Hawk helicopters has been completed
• Delivery of 48 Little Bird helicopters has been completed
• Receiving more systems - the Patriot Pak-3 - with better version of the MES missiles
• Completion of delivery of the Mica missile system
• The delivery of the Mistral system is completed
• Cesar cannon delivery is completed
+ Another part of the Lebanese donation and also contains 20 Caesar cannons
• The launch of an armored vehicle - VAB-VET -
• Inauguration of the VBC-90 armored vehicle
• delivery of Armored - Sherpa -
• Handover of 1890 completed - Ashkosh -
• Completion of the delivery of 200 vehicles - Aravis - anti-mine
• Delivering more aircraft - the Antonov - Saudi-Ukrainian
• Receiving more than 300 CH - drones of all kinds
• The launch of the 10 km Kornet M missiles
• The launch of the TOS-1 launcher
• Delivery of more than 20,000 TOW missiles has been completed
• Receive more anti-armor - Thunder Bolt -

And many other weapons, including those manufactured in partnership with - Ukraine - South Africa - and South Korea - frankly, many, many weapons, no less than what is mentioned above.. and the best part is that all these weapon systems come with ToT in varying degrees..

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