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LSD (Lumpy Skin Disease) in cattle - Your contribution to containing the outbreak


Mar 25, 2008
United Arab Emirates
India and Pakistan both facing the outbreak of this deadly disease of cattle which significantly impacts the farmer's livelihood directly and the effects are rippling to the country's economy.

The outbreak is reported worst among the cows/oxen, and the price per unit of such cattle is high in the case of imported breeds (Holstein Fresian/Jersey), and in Pakistan, it is already whooping around a million Pak Rs.

Nature provided us with a bird called 'vulture' which was considered the natural scavenger, as this bird lives on dead meat, but is already facing extinction due to irresponsible behavior of humankind. In absence of natural assistance now we have to help ourselves, our farmer community, and the country to contain this deadly outbreak of LSD.

Following is the vlog, which will enable us to understand the importance and the ways to prevent/contain further outbreaks by adopting simple remedial actions, hope it will help many kindly share it as much as possible to contribute:


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