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Liquidate Pakistan & rebuild Akhand Bharat !


Sep 21, 2009
Trying to dig into the Minds of Indian Youth if they still believe in this idea and if they do then i must tell them that its not in their favor.

I give importance to public sentiments and when its directly related to my Nation and its sovereignty- why shouldn't i discuss it ?
i dont know which youth your talking about as frankly no one wants this. Your just creating an issue out of nothing. There are radicals on both sides and there many on Pakistan's that want India's destruction to and propagate it on national television like Mr.Zaid Hamid.

This is a not an issue facing your country right now, we are not attacking you, the main issue you face right now is the battle against extremism and the radicalization of your youth. These useless topics will only divert your attention from issues that threaten the very existence of Pakistan. So i recommend we stop discussing anything about this as frankly there is nothing to discuss.


Jan 15, 2010
Arabic culture?! :eek: Pakistan does not have an "arabic culture"
Islam and Western Civilizations are simply incompatible.Islam stands for Arabization in one way or another.
To Quote One Youtube Reply:
5 months ago 3
if a japanese convert to christian, chances is that, they still inherit the japanese culture and value.... same as indian, chinese, or british, or even american.. but when one convert into muslim, it means change into arab alike.. which i seriously don't respect.
at least christian believers are more secularism and open minded than muslim.. and i happy to see a muslim convert to christianity even thought me myself is an atheist

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. v=L4eR1s9YAOw
That Explains it.


Apr 6, 2010
Whats the problem with you Mr.Black blood, not long ago u started a thread talking about RAW blowing up half of pakistan through TTP. Now this, and to my country guys, have u read the article this was written just after Mumbai Massacre happened. There is a sentence in that clearly stating that, read carefully.

Never expected this from a "SENIOR MEMBER" digging up a year old article written in the heat of the moment. Are u becoming somehow paranoid like Mullahs Mr.Black Blood????

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