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Lhasa new international airport in Tibet, T3 nearing completion, one of the highest international airports in the world


Nov 21, 2018
Taiwan, Province Of China
A different world from the Tibet I known and that airport I took off from.
I am happy I wrote that down or I would have forgotten about those details by now 40 years later.

brief extract of that relevant part

It was time to leave Lhasa for the flight to Chengdu in Szechuan province. The bus took us in late afternoon to the military airport a couple hours away.

The flight was in early morning. Lhasa was not a city of bright lights. The airport a couple hours away from Lhasa gave us the most incredible view of the moonless night sky. The sky was velvet black. Strewned and sprinkled with thousands upon thousands of diamonds and stardust. The 'normal' constellations could not be recognised as so many more thousands of stars shined. The Milky way was an immense band of light. I could easily read a book from the starlight. we both lie on the ground and just took in the wonders of that nightsky.

In time some officials came to us. Lying down on the tarmac of an airport runway was not encouraged even if that gave the best view of the stars above. It was getting colder too. We took off an hour before dawn. When the sun came up , it was stunning to see the mountains and plateau of Tibet below us. In crystal clear atmosphere without any clouds, I pressed my nose to the window and soaked in all I could see. Then far away, the edge appeared in a sea of clouds. The plane descended and we were back into the murk of the world we left behind. And touched down in Chengdu.

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