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Let Pakistan operate the drones: Shuja

Discussion in 'Pakistan's Internal Security' started by Omar1984, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Let Pakistan operate the drones: Shuja

    WASHINGTON: United States needs to find a way to allow Pakistan to manage drone operations inside its borders, Pakistan Army veteran and military historian Shuja Nawaz has argued. Fears about transferring sensitive technology to Pakistan could be addressed by joint operations of drones from Pakistani bases. The US and Pakistani handlers could ‘fly’ the drones carrying Pakistani markings and be responsible for their upkeep. If Pakistan called the shots for actions against foreign militants, they would better be able to eliminate civilian damage. The US and Pakistan should also end their reimbursement-for-FATA mobilisation, Nawaz suggested. The $10 billion paid were often used as a political stick to beat Pakistan during discussions of aid to the country. daily times monitor

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    If Drones have Green Pakistani Flag :pakistan: Markings on the Drones do you think people who will be targeted will have no hard feelings then ? :crazy:

    The Problem is USA is Violating our Sovereignty and is causing more troubles for us. There has been no Solid Verification about who was killed in Drone Attacks but there are some Independent News sources who have claimed that majority of people who died were Innocent women and Children.