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Latest! Another NEW statement against Army coming - This time from Senator ???

Sifar zero

Jul 27, 2020
South Africa
You overestimate MaslihatHQ way too much. They're more FA pass fools rather than some corrupt land grabbing mafia. That corruption allegation is just overplayed bullshite by our liberal journalist brigade- cough cough Ayesha Siddiqa

If they were really that smart, they wouldn't have been outsmarted by mediocre leaders like Nawaz and Bhutto. 1971 se bara koi blunder ho sakta hai? Aa baill mujhe maar moment.
Please stop most army general go through warcourses or atleast they have done masters.


May 20, 2011
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
By saying Ganja Sharif, you evidently not a PMLN supporter but a genuine one and sounds neutral to some extent with an Army family background as well. Your post worth reading for every/average PDF poster (normal to moderators) majority believes in otherwise stories...Sabir Shakir, Karmran Khan parrot stuff.

Let me add here what went wrong as you described in your post as well.

It was Post rejection period of IK by Establishment (Musharraf Rule) when IK want to become PM with 100+ Seats from his own party (In 2003 GE) and Musharraf only offer him a handful seats but PMshipm nonetheless with electable, Which IK refuse. In that period IK gone all guns blazing against Army leadership in general and specially towards Musharraf in all avenues including Indians. There are score of videos on this subject by IK still haunting PTI/IK. Remember the famous media onslaught involving on Waziristan issues, drone attacks even by Jemima. In that period PMLN and PPP went for COD in London as well, this was a clear no go area and to deal with both threats ”someone” thoughts out a plan….to adopt IK on one hand and makes his software updated and afterwards unleash him towards PMLN and PPP finally. So, It was our establishment who first befooled by IK with his wild ideas and utopian world before wider Pakistani Public go crazy "under guidence". You are right, Under Ba*wa “They” really turns out mere “FA Pass” on this IK-planning for sure but he is not only to blame consistent establishment leadership post Musharraf made out towards this debacle.

@Irfan Baloch
Goodness gracious me. :coffee::dance3:

Arsalan 345

Nov 19, 2016
Look at these traitors and they are representing our country. This is why we are mostly uneducated and unemployed and this is why there is so much corruption. These traitors aren't loyal to country. This is such a big statement. I feel like army is allowing all this. It's sad. It looks like general kiyani era is repeating itself. Educated people are doing private jobs while these bastards are sitting in parliament. Very sad.

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