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Land-based version of CAMM/FLAADS

Major Shaitan Singh

Dec 7, 2010
I thought people would be interested in this, first photos, first here that is, of the Land-based version of CAMM/FLAADS.

Known as CAMM (Common Anti-air Modular Missile), the new missile is the effector used by the Future Local Area Air Defence System (Marittime) and FLAADS (Land) both. The missile is the same, a derivative of ASRAAM, but with many differences. The most evident ones are the Cold Launch feature, and the fact that CAMM is not an IR imaging missile, but a Radar guided, fire and forget missile.

CAMM is also a bit bigger, being 3.2 meters long and 99 kg at launch. On land and sea, FLAADS uses the same missile and the same all-weather canister

The first variant of FLAADS to hit service will be the Maritime one, but the firing tests and validation of the system are already happening from the prototype FLAADS(L) launcher truck. Note the 12-rounds missile battery erected, and the mast-antenna of the MBDA targeting data link extended. On the rear, the crane for reloading the missile canisters can also be seen.

(There is distortion in this pic making the truck "lean" backwards due to use of a wide-nagle lens and overlaying multiple images)
This very special multiple image of the last May test firing shows the soft launch feature well: no flames, minimal smoke, almost invisible compared to an Hot Launch. The various shots composed in this image also show the CAMM missile using its guidance jets to steer and guide itself in the general direction of the target, before the rocket engine even ignites.

The FLAADS(L) launcher vehicle, coherent with the SV MAN truck fleet

FLAADS(L) – The Future Local Area Air Defence (Land) system, also known as CAMM (Common Anti-air Modular Missile), is the in-development replacement for Rapier Field Standard C. With a range of 20+ kilometers, the CAMM will be a quantum leap in capability from Rapier, and will not be a towed but a fully self-propelled system: the current Land launcher proposed by MBDA is planned to be showcased at DSEI in September, and is built on a MAN SV HX60 4x4 truck, mounting a crane for self-reloading, and 12 launch tubes for CAMM missiles. As by now largely known, the CAMM is ejected "cold" from the canister by compressed air and a pistol, which fire the missile 100 ft into the air before its rocket ignites, making integration of the missile easy on all kind of launching platforms, very differenly from missiles such as ASTER, MICA, ESSM and all others, which are launched "hot", requiring a far more complex canister and launcher vehicle, capable to handle the stress, flames, heat and exhaust of an hot launch.

CAMM is also radar-agnostic, receiving target cueing from any kind of external radar source via data link or (probably) by more secure direct optic fiber connection when this is deemed necessary (as done with the SAMP-T SAM batteries, the land version of Sea Viper used by France and Italy) . Graphics show FLAADS getting cueing from the Blindfire radar (now used for Rapier) and by Giraffe ABM both.

Entry into service should begin in 2018. Current Rapier Out Of Service date is 2020.

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