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KP re-poll: Gandapur leads DI Khan mayoral election


Feb 21, 2012

KP re-poll: Gandapur leads DI Khan mayoral election​

JUI-F sweeps Peshawar elections
SAMAA | Samaa Web Desk - Posted: Feb 14, 2022 | Last Updated: 21 mins ago

KP re-poll: Gandapur leads DI Khan mayoral election

Umar Gandapur, Faisal Karim Kundi and Kafeel Nizami compete for Dera Ismail Khan mayoral slot.

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Ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf candidate Umar Amin Gandapur is leading the mayoral polls in Dera Ismail Khan, according to the initial vote count.

Re-polling was held in 13 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) districts on Sunday to complete the first phase of the local bodies elections, which were marred by violence and rigging allegations on December 19. The Election of Pakistan (ECP) had ordered repolling in several areas.
On Sunday, the polling remained largely peaceful barring a few reports of violence in different areas.
Polling continued from 9am to 5pm without any major incident. In Baka Khel, the voting began half an hour late and voters were allowed to cast ballots until 5:30pm.
A vote count started immediately and results from polling stations have been pouring in.
In at least 23 tehsils at selected polling stations, voters cast ballots for the elections of tehsil chairpersons, or mayors, and dozens of neighbourhood and village councillors.

JUI-F sweeps Peshawar polls​

The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F (JUI-F) emerged as the leading party and won the key seat of Peshawar mayor during re-polling, according to unofficial and unverified results.
JUI-F’s Zubair Ali bagged 1,030 votes in re-polling at six polling stations in 13 districts for local government elections in KP, followed by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidate Rizwan Bangash with 736 votes.
JUI’s candidate Muhammad Haroon won at a neighbourhood council. Meanwhile, PTI-backed candidate Faqir Muhammad won the seat of Qadirabad council chairman.

Hotly contested DI Khan, Baka Khel and Darra Adamkhel​

At least three tehsils are electing their mayors or chairpersons, including the hotly contested Dera Ismail Khan. The other two are Baka Khel in Bannu, and Darra Adamkhel.
In Dera Ismail Khan, unverified results of 296 polling stations showed that PTI’s Umar Amin Gandapur secured 63,753 votes. JUI-F’s Kafeel Nizami was behind with 38,891 votes while PPP’s Faisal Karim Kundi finished at the third place with 32,788 votes.
The election for the city mayor was postponed after the Awami National Party (ANP) candidate was shot dead a day before the polls in December.
The contest received that spotlight after political parties launched their bigwigs. PPP fielded Faisal Karim Kundi, the former deputy speaker of the National Assembly and ANP announced its support for Kundi.
Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl pitched Kafeel Nizami.

The PTI aggressively campaigned for Umar Amin Gandapur, who is the brother of Federal Minister Ali Amin Gandapur. The ECP had debarred Ali Amin from Dera Ismail Khan over electioneering. It had also disqualified Umar Amin Gandapur but he was able to contest after getting his disqualification upturned by the Islamabad High Court.
PTI ministers and spokespersons have already declared victory in Dera Ismail Khan and said that Fazlur Rehman was defeated at his home ground.
Dera Ismail Khan mayoral election has been in the spotlight.
Dera Ismail Khan mayoral election has been in the spotlight. PHOTO SAMAA
In Karak’s Tehsil Banda Daud Shah, where polling was postponed in December after two PTI workers were killed in an attack not related to the poll violence, PTI’s Inayatullah Khattak won by securing 1,453 votes.
In Darra Adamkhel, the ECP ordered repolling on all the polling stations.
Another key tehsil to see repolling is Baka Khel, where PTI’s KP Transport Minister Shah Mohammad and his son were accused of attacking a polling station. ECP had disqualified both of them. The Islamabad High Court upturned the disqualification of Shah Mohammad but upheld the decision about his son Mamun Rasheed, who could not run for Baka Khel tehsil chairmanship.
In other tehsils, the repolling may or may not change the result of tehsil council chairperson elections. In some areas, a large number of neighbourhood and village councils are going to the polls again. This is the reason that several candidates who had returned successful challenged the repolling orders.

Ballot boxes set on fire​

On Sunday, there were isolated incidents of violence, though the polls remain largely peaceful.
In Karak’s Dabli Lawaghar area, a woman set the ballot box on fire.
Karak Deputy Commissioner said the woman first set light to her ballot paper and then pushed it inside the ballot box, which caught fire.
Some reports claim at least two ballot boxes were set on fire.
The woman was arrested and the polling resumed after a brief disruption, Karak DPO says.
Dozens of ballot papers were destroyed.
KP Inspector General of Police told journalists that 101 people were detained for creating a law and order situation.
He said that at least 20,000 police personnel were deployed at polling stations undergoing a repoll.
Under the KP LG law, the local government elections are held at the level of the village council (VC) in rural areas and neighbourhood council (NC) in urban areas. Voters not only elect councillors but also cast votes for the election of tehsil chairman in rural areas and the mayor in urban areas.
The repolling was be held in NCs/VCs of the following districts and tehsils.

District: Peshawar​

Tehsil Council: Peshawar
Neighbourhood/Village Council: NC-34 Khyber

District: Nowshera​

Tehsil Council: Nowshera
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-11 Pahari Katikhel
Tehsil Council: Jehangiria
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-2 Maira Misri Banda

District: Khyber​

Tehsil Council: Landi Kotal
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-13 Zakha Khel, VC-27 Bazar Zakha Khel-1, VC-28 Bazar Zakha Khel-2, VC-29 Bazar Zakha Khel-3, VC-30 Bazar Zakha Khel-4, VC-30 Bazar Zakha Khel-5, NC-2 Landukotal Urban-2, NC-3 Landikotal Urban-3, NC-4 Landikotal Urban-4, NC-5 Landikotal Urban-5
Tehsil Council: Bara
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-1 Attari Area, VC-32 Sarki Kamar, VC-62 Attari area (sarvar khelo killi), VC_67 Khoja Khel

District: Mohmand​

Tehsil Council: Upper Mohmand
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-3 Durba Khel, VC-2 Kuz Kadi Khel

District: Mardan​

Tehsil Council: Mardan
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-3 Gujar Garhi-2

District: Darra Adam Khel​

Re poll on entire Dara Adam Khel tehsil including 16 VCs and NCs
Tehsil Council: Lachi
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-14 Sharki Dal

District: Karak​

Tehsil Council: Karak
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-1 Rehmad Abad, VC-10 Chani Khel, VC-11 Ghundi Mirkhan Khel, VC-12 Tarki Khel, VC-17 Kanda Karak, VC-21 Surdog, NC- College Town, VC-Kandu Khel, VC-Kanda Karak, VC-Latambar Sharqi
Tehsil Council: Banda Daud Shah
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-4 Dagar Nari, VC-8 Mami Khel
Tehsil Council: Takht Nasrati
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-Takht Nasrati Bala, VC-2 Takht Nasrati Payan, VC-3 Bogara, VC-4 Ganderi Khattak, VC-5 Shahidan Banda, VC-7 Siraj Khel, VC-8 Nara, VC-9 Kari Dhand, VC-10 Shah Salim, VC-11 Surati Kala, VC-12 Sialkot, VC-14 Warana Mirhasan Khel, VC-14 Warana Mosakan, VC-15 Tatter Khel, VC-17 Yaghi Mosakan, VC-18 Khujaki, VC-19 Chokara

District: Bannu​

Tehsil Council: Bakka Khel
Neighbourhood/Village Council: All 14 VCs
Tehsil Council: Domel
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-10 Khander Khan Khel-1, VC-15 Ziraki Pirba Khel, VC-14 Issak Khel

District: Lakki Marwat​

Tehsil Council: Ghazni Khel
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-14 Betani Paikasht
Tehsil Council: Serai Naurang
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-15 Passani-I, VC-22 Dadiwala, VC-10 Gandi Sahib Khan, VC-05 Gandi Khan Khel-I, VC-04 Gandi Omer Chiker
Tehsil Council: Bettani
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-01 Quatakhwa

District: D. I. Khan​

Tehsil Council: Paharpur
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-28 Band Kurai-I

District: Buner​

Tehsil Council: Khadukhel
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-7 Dakara

District: Bajaur​

Tehsil Council: Nawagai
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-30 Kharai Kamar
Tehsil Council: Khar
Neighbourhood/Village Council: VC-30 Laromalla, VC-41 Latai

Petitions dismissed​

Earlier, the ECP and the Supreme Court of Pakistan refused to stop repolling in several areas, dismissing petitions.
Last week, the Supreme Court dismissed an application against re-polling at five polling stations in Lakki Marwat tehsil.
The application was filed by Jamaat-e-Islami’s Azizullah who won the tehsil chairman election on December 19.
In a separate case, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) stayed the ECP’s order regarding the disqualification of Umar Amin Gandapur and later upturned the decision.
The order against Gandapur came after the ECP took note of the code of conduct violation by his elder brother Ali Amin Gandapur who is a federal minister.

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