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KP Govt. blames ‘anti-TTP groups’ for law and order situation in Province

K-P govt adviser says things are right with banned outfit, they are not involved in target killing and extortion

News DeskAugust 16, 2022

special assistant for information k p barrister saif addressing a news conference in peshawar photo k p govt

Special Assistant for Information K-P Barrister Saif addressing a news conference in Peshawar. PHOTO: K-P GOVT

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Special Assistant for Information Barrister Saif on Monday claimed that “anti-TTP groups” were making the law and order situation worse in the province.

Addressing a news conference following a meeting of provincial cabine in Peshawar, the senator said that the Afghan Taliban government facilitated negotiations with TTP, leading to an indefinite ceasefire.

“Anti-TTP groups are making the situation worse in K-P… things are right with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, they are not involved in target killing and extortion,” he maintained.

The statement comes in the wake of social media reports of reemergence of TTP militants in some parts of the province.

On Friday, the Khyber-Pakhtunkwa police had said they were aware of some individuals, who were previously living in Afghanistan, were present in the far-flung areas of Swat district. It, however, reassured the public that law-enforcement personnel were appropriately placed to ensure peace in the area.

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A day later, Pakistan Army also dismissed reports regarding the presence of large numbers of banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan armed members in Swat Valley.

"During the past few days, a misperception about the alleged presence of large number of proscribed organisation TTP’s armed members in Swat Valley has been created on social media," military’s media, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), said in a statement.

After confirmation on the ground, it added, the reports have been found as "grossly exaggerated and misleading". "Presence of small number of armed men on few mountain tops between Swat and Dir has been observed, located far away from population," it however explained.

Saif, during today’s media interaction, said that even if 2,000 armed people came to the province the government had the will and resources to fight back. “We have tanks, guns and fighter jets… a few thousand Kalashnikovs cannot stop the government. There were only 40 to 50 people who came to Swat with ordinary rifles.”

Barrister Saif further said that the DSPs, who were injured in the gunfight with the armed men, were in plain clothes. “The attackers went back and now there are police on these mountains. The situation only remained tense for two to three days… the issue has been resolved,” he claimed.
The K-P government spokesperson further said that the state knows how to deal with those who challenge its writ.
The situation in Swat, he maintained, has been restored peacefully and added that Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has done all the work under his supervision and has brought the situation under control.


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The attackers went back and now there are police in these mountains.
So that makes it perfectly fine, everything fair and dandy? How can a provincial representative talk of armed men roaming around the heart of Swat as if they are some sheepherders. Not to forget the KPK police has been utterly stagnant in their modernization despite Swat garnering large wealth due to tourism yet the Police walk around in Salwar Kameez and chapals.

PTI ne konsa teer mara hai???
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