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King of the jungle: Armed force part of proposed legislation to guard wildlife in KPK!


Oct 17, 2014
The houbara hunting is wrong on many levels.
1 Damage to the wildlife, which is not just a property of Pakistan but the whole human race.
2 The Arabs see you as slaves, who bend over even when not asked for. The bad image amongst Muslims of Pakistanis comes from this. Especially Arabs think that you are to be treated like this.
3 Sexual exploitation of Pakistani boys and girls.
The houbara is considered as aphrodisiac, so after eating it guess what happens, and if the Arab princes haven't brought their consorts, guess what else they have permits for. I think a lot of jism faroshi happens along with this houbara hunting. Arab princes are known for this kind of behavior, they are among the most decadent people in the world, still living in the world of the "perfumed garden"
and to extreme indians are no exception,.. :D no surprise you wanna talk just about Pakistan :) baniya mindset.. :omghaha:

Krate M

Oct 15, 2014
Those people who are saying that law and order should be improved first should realize that the money from this illegal trade is used by terrorists. In Assam, rhino poachers were found to have links with ULFA. How else would they get their weapons?
Arming the park authorities is a great step by IK. I think IK has a different plan for Pakistan. Only wish he would make KPK such that whole of Pakistan would understand, instead of this dharna business.
Regarding the houbara thing
At least some Pakistani people are aware now.
Houbara bustards: An annual massacre of national pride - Blogs - DAWN.COM

Krate M

Oct 15, 2014
Please tell me how my post is an example of baniya mindset. Enlighten me.
PS check my second post, I do talk about India.

Krate M

Oct 15, 2014
I wish we can compete in wildlife protection.
Project Tiger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Also Google Salman Khan black buck hunting case. In India we take wildlife preservation seriously.
And please no more India posts, this topic is about good steps taken by KPK government and terrible policies of Pakistan federal government.


Aug 15, 2009
Lolz than vote for him and find out.

His life as cricketer and politicians should be enough to proof u wrong.

I hope that IK becomes PM after the next elections, so I can see him bow before USA with his tail between his legs, just like all his predecessors. They all play the same game. Fire and anger at USA before elections, all calm and obedient afterwards. :D


Dec 10, 2009
United Kingdom
The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife and Biodiversity Bill 2014 proposes reforms in a sector largely neglected for decades. The draft was tabled in the provincial assembly on November 24, and once passed, it will overwrite the Wildlife Act 1975.

K-P chief conservator Syed Mubarak Ali Shah told The Express Tribune an up-to-date law is the need of the hour and the new draft resolves all loopholes in the previous legislation. According to Section 4 (1) of the bill, a copy of which lies with The Express Tribune, the entire wildlife establishment, excluding ministerial staff, shall be deemed a “wildlife force and constituted in a prescribed manner”.

Shah confirmed the force will come under the wildlife department after the enactment of this law. He added the previous legislation dates back to 1975 and with the course of time has seen major challenges.

New musketeers

Members of the wildlife force will have their own uniform and will be provided with sophisticated equipment, arms and communication systems. Wildlife officers will be authorised to use force as and where they deem necessary seizing property, recovering wildlife, and producing, detaining or taking into custody any offender who acts against the protection, preservation, conservation and management guidelines, as laid down by the law.

The force will also be entitled to use force in intercepting, checking, apprehending, searching or preventing the escape of suspects.

However, they will only be allowed to use arms under necessary conditions of self-defence or in following directives of a superior not below the rank of a wildlife range officer.

Officers will also be able to bear testimony before the court within the listings of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

A comprehensive overhaul

Once the bill is approved, a K-P wildlife and biodiversity board will be formed. Headed by the chief minister, the board will also have a wildlife fund.

The law will provide for declaring and demarcating natural heritage sites with a view to protecting natural, physical, and biological formations that are of “outstanding national or global value from an aesthetic or scientific point of view”. The board will be able to declare and define any such area and regulate its management, autonomously.

The bill also entitles the government to declare any area it deems right to be a wildlife sanctuary, through a notification in the official gazette. Furthermore, the bill lays down participatory wildlife management guidelines wherein each protected area will be governed by a conservation committee.

Section 11 states that all wild animals, free ranging or captive, tamed or untamed found within the territorial jurisdiction of the province shall be the property of the government. In case of misuse or abuse of government property, wildlife officers shall be able to exercise powers under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1890.

These listings are seen as a major boost of the cause of preventing unwarranted poaching and preserving endangered species and the ecosystem.

Protection of species

The third schedule of the law contains a comprehensive list of animals that are to be protected. They can neither be hunted down nor taken captive. A violation will lead to criminal prosecution.

Lastly, the fourth schedule lays down the nature of offences and penalties.

It has set a sentence of three years and a fine of Rs45,000 for harming “Markhor, Urial, Ibex, Musk deer, Goral, Chinkara, Barking deer, Hog deer, black and brown bear and leopard. While a year in the slammer and Rs45,000 is the penalty for hunting the Siberian crane, Saker and Peregrine falcon.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 28th, 2014.
King of the jungle: Armed force part of proposed legislation to guard wildlife – The Express Tribune

Meanwhile elsewhere in Pakistan:

KARACHI: The federal government has issued at least 29 special permits to royal family members of the Gulf states — the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the Kingdom of Bahrain — for hunting the internationally protected houbara bustard in Pakistan, it emerged on Saturday.

Pakistan is a signatory to various international nature conservation agreements that call for protection of rare species and national laws also ban houbara bustard hunting, yet special permits are issued to foreigners in violation of local laws and international commitments.

View attachment 157935

Sources said the government went back on the commitment it made last year that “Pakistan will observe a moratorium on hunting during the 2014-15 season to replenish houbara bustard stocks”.

The permit holders had even been informed about it. But after the approval of prime minister Nawaz Sharif, deputy chief of protocol of the foreign office Muazzam Ali issued the permits for the year 2014-15 on Nov 1, 2014.

The sources said that at least one president, one king, one Emir and one ruler besides two crown princes, the father and an uncle of country heads concerned are among those allowed to hunt the internationally protected houbara bustard, meat of which is considered to have aphrodisiac qualities.

The dignitary who has been given the largest area in the three provinces — Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan — is UAE president and Abu Dhabi ruler Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. As many as 11 permits — the largest number of permits issued to a Gulf state — have been given to members of Qatar’s royal family.

This is the first time that an area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been allocated for houbara hunting.

The federal government has not sent a code of conduct — which mentions number of birds to be hunted, hunting method, whether permit is person specific or not — to provincial wildlife departments, giving a free hand to the Arab sheikhs to hunt as many birds as they can.

Read: Arab royal hunts down 2,100 houbara bustards in three week safari

The move is perhaps aimed at avoiding an embarrassing situation like the one that happened last year when a Balochistan wildlife department report that Saudi prince Fahd had hunted 2,100 houbara bustards, violating the bag limit of 100 birds, created an international uproar after it had been highlighted in the media.

The countries and the names of hunters to whom the special permits have been issued are:

Saudi Arabia

Crown prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud has been allocated districts Dera Bugti, Dera Murad Jamali, Nasirabad; and Jaffarabad and Duki areas in Loralai district in Balochistan. In Punjab, he has been allowed to hunt in Vehari, Multan (tehsil Shujaabad), Mianwali and Sargodha districts.

Governor of Tabuk Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, has been given Awaran and Noshki districts (less Noshki city), Chaghai district (excluding area in the northwest corner of Balochistan located in district Chaghai).

Abu Dhabi

UAE President and Abu Dhabi ruler Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan has been given Sukkur, Ghotki, Nawabshah and Sanghar districts in Sindh; Rahim Yar Khan, Rajanpur, Dera Ghazi Khan and Chakwal districts in Punjab; and Zhob, Ormara, Pasni, Gawadar, Kharan (excluding Naag Dara breeding area), Panjgur and Washuk districts in Balochistan.

Deputy supreme commander of the UAE armed forces and crown prince of Abu Dhabi Gen Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al-Nahyan has been given Lehri tehsil in Sibi district (Domki area only).

Deputy prime minister of the UAE Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al-Nahyan has been given Khairpur district including Kot Diji (not across Nara Canal).

Ruler’s representative in the western region Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al-Nahyan has been given Khairpur Nathanshah tehsil in Dadu district, Gaibi Dero in Larkana, Shahdad Kot district, Khairpur (area across Nara canal), Juhi tehsil and Fareedabad union council in Dadu district. Lehri tehsil of Sibi district (minus Domki area) and Old Katchi and Sani Shoran area in Bolan district in Balochistan.

A member of the ruling family, Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, has been given Qila Saifullah district including Kar Khurassan (less sub-division Muslim Bagh).


Vice president and prime minister of the UAE and Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al-Maktoum has been allocated Muzaffargarh district in Punjab; and Khuzdar and Lasbella districts and area in the northwest of Balochistan located in Chaghai district.

Deputy ruler of Dubai and finance minister Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum has been given Bahawalpur district and Fort Abbas tehsil of Bahawalnagar district in Punjab.

Deputy chief of police and general security Dubai and member of the ruling family Maj Gen Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum has been given Umerkot district, Tharparkar district including Mithi and Nagarparkar (minus protected area) in Sindh.

A member of the ruling family, Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al-Maktoum, has been allowed to hunt in Badin district, Jungshahi in Thatta district and Dhabeji in Malir district in Sindh.

Nasir Abdullah Lootah, an employee of the Dubai government, has been given Thatta district excluding Shah Bander and Jung Shahi tehsils in Sindh.


King of Bahrain Sheikh Hamad bin Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa has been allowed to hunt birds in Jamshoro district (Thano Bula Khan, Kotri, Manjhand and Sehwan tehsils).

An uncle of the king, Sheikh Ebrahim bin Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa, has been given Mastung in Balochistan.

The king’s adviser on defence affairs Sheikh Abdullah bin Salman Al-Khalifa has been given Jati tehsil of Thatta district in Sindh.

Commander in chief of defence forces of Bahrain Marshal Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa has been given Toisar tehsil of Musakhel district in Balochistan.

A member of the ruling family, Sheikh Ahmed bin Ali Al-Khalifa, has been given Hyderabad district along with Matiari in Sindh. A member of the ruling family, Sheikh Mohammad bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, has been given Malir district excluding Malir cantonment and Dhabeji areas.


Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani has been given Jacobabad district in Sindh and Khushab district in Punjab.

His father, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, has been allowed to hunt the protected houbara bustard in Bahawalnagar district excluding Fort Abbas tehsil in Punjab.

A brother of the Qatar Emir, Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani, has been given Musakhal and Drug tehsils of Musakhel district in Balochistan.

An uncle of the Qatar Emir, Sheikh Mohammad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, has been given Loralai district (less Duki area) in Balochistan.

Former prime minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al-Thani has been given Bhakkar and Jhang districts in Punjab.

Former prime minister’s brother Sheikh Falah bin Jassim bin Jabor Al-Thani has been given Jhal Magsi district in Balochistan.

A member of the supreme council of the royal family, Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al-Thani, has been given Turbat district in Balochistan.

Other royal family members Sheikh Khalid bin Thani Al-Thani has been given Layyah district in Punjab and Dadu city in Sindh; Sheikh Thani bin Abdul Aziz Al-Thani has been given Surab tehsil and Kalat district in Balochistan; Sheikh Mohammad bin Ali bin Abdullah Al-Thani has been given Kingri tehsil of Musakhel district and Barkhan district in Balochistan; and Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani has been given Dera Ismail Khan district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Published in Dawn, November 16th, 2014
29 permits issued to Gulf states royal families for houbara bustard hunting - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

As always, Hassan Nisar's predictions regarding these rigged, corrupt rulers of Pakistan came true. He predicted long ago that if they continue to remain in power, they will cut Pakistani national land in pieces and sell it off to foreign interests. Also, its worth noting that none of the foreign powers involved in destroying wildlife of Pakistan are from usual suspects; India, Israel and USA. Surprisingly they are from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain - our so-called "brother" Islamic States :D

When will Pakistani people collectively declare war against this rigged and traitorous federal government of Pakistan? I heard fast approaching 30 November 2014 is worth a shot!

That is how it should be. Enforce the law. The stupid Arabs ruining our wildlife.

Sher Shah Awan

May 8, 2013
50,000 dead Pakistanis, thanks to terrorist enjoying safe havens in KPK. Yet the most important law KPK government can think of is passing laws to protect wildlife. Why not an armed force of volunteers to counter the encroaching terrorists from FATA etc who are entering the settled areas?

Mr Phattu Khan I know you are afraid of terrorists, but iss mulk main insan bhee rehte hain?

Not Sure

Feb 5, 2011
In 2003, when Indians asked Iranians to give them some live cells of the Asiatic Cheetah for cloning and repopulating them in India's wilds, the Iranians in return asked for a pair of live Indian lions. So tough was the negotiation that it brought India-Iran trade into focus.

While rest of the countries are using their influence to the fullest extent to repopulate their diminishing wild species, Pakistan is selling them away so cheaply - and not to be rehabilitated, but to be killed - for fun. How can they afford to be so reckless with their nation's identity?


Jul 30, 2007
United Arab Emirates
Hunting of endangered wildlife in Pakistan is a major problem. These permits should not have been provided to them.


Aug 12, 2014
United Kingdom
1) I never told you I am a CNN debater. I did say, I'd debate IK ON CNN if I have to, to show you this guy is nothing but thin air. I also said I'll pay for his mental evaluation and treatment so he can get better and doesn't risk innocent lives because of his mental sickness.
The fact that you can't counter the main points of my arguments here means you would get so humiliated if you ever debate IK that you'd convert to solipsism. Pay for your own mental evaluation first.

Complaining against Police online is a small web application backed up by a call center with 10 people working on a few phones......you call that a life changing event when it like a $ 1000 operation a month???? You think we are stupid reading this? This type of crap is marketing only to show "something"
The ability to just sit here and register an FIR against any one, including politicians and police officers, is actually very, very useful. Again, you'd know this if you knew anything about Pakistan. Things can be good without being crazy expensive, keep that in mind kid, might save you some money in the future.

A town got electricity and you are jumping up and down......what are things they finished up from their agenda so far. Bring me BIG ticket items. When I take a look at Punjab and Baluchistan....I see BIG ticket items that will change millions of people's future by creating millions of jobs and will complete dozens of large scale human growth projects in the next two years. Substance please? Like the REAL substance, not $ 50,000 projects lol
Yet another completely idiotic argument. The fact that one town could get electricity after a long time means that other towns' electric infrastructure would have improved too. The only way to take electricity to this remote town is by improving the infrastructure, which is another good 'side effect'.
And I'm not jumping, i'm calmly smiling while sipping a cup of hot chai. Quit assuming stuff, it quadruples the idiocy of your argument, and that's saying something.

And you want 'Big ticket items'. Naive and immature thinking. We have been hearing of all these 'big ticket projects' for two decades now. I used to read them under candle-light every day in Pakistan. Its better to have small projects that actually work instead of huge projects that never come true.

But since you're insisting so much, here, this should shut you up:
1) Power Generation & New Dams

  1. South Asian News Agency | Federal govt assures KPK govt of cooperation to start 25,000 megawatt hydel power projects in KPK
  2. CM Pervez Khattak approved 100 Crore for Kehala small dam in Abbotabad
  3. Two micro hydro power plants inaugurated: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government seeks to restart closed projects, says Imran | Business Recorder
  4. KPK Govt to start work on four energy projects (457 MW total)
  5. Economic ties: Chinese investors to establish 25 hydel power stations in KPK
  6. Imran Khan inaugurated micro hydroelectric power plant in KPK |
  7. Dunya News: Pakistan:p:ak-French hydropower project inaugurated in KPK...
  8. France provides 61mn euros to Pakistan for two hydropower projects (775 MW total)
  9. Galaxy Technologies to invest $2 Billion in Hydro projects in KPK (1000 MW)
  10. K-P govt approves extensive energy plan – The Express Tribune (A total of 365 small hydro projects all over KPK, with 80% funds to be provided by KP govt. 25,760MW will be generated in next 10 years, costing Rs10.38 trillion)
  11. Imran Khan announces 350 small dams all over KPK
  12. 17.4 megawatt Gomal Zam Dam project starts power generation
  13. 24MW hydropower project to bring progress to Mansehra - Newspaper - DAWN.COM

2) Police, Justice (Law & Order):

  1. People can now file FIR online in KPK
  2. KP women to get police help through SMS - Newspaper - DAWN.COM
  3. KP police raise Special Combat Unit
  4. Robot comes to the rescue: Bomb defused in Peshawar – The Express Tribune
  5. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police use modern technology - Central Asia Online
  6. KPK police get latest SIM technology to trace stolen vehicles | Pakistan Today
  7. State-of-the-art: Police to be equipped with mobile phone tracking – The Express Tribune
  8. KPK announces its own secret intelligence agency
  9. ‘Justice on Wheels’: Mobile court all set to deliver prompt justice – The Express Tribune
  10. Talking about a resolution: City gets its first Dispute Resolution Council – The Express Tribune
  11. KPK right to information ordinance 2013 | keeping Gov's Accountable | KPK Government Achievements
  12. E-Citizens Grievance Redressal System — a unique justice system implemented in KPK

3) Health:

  1. PTI govt would install Robot Surgery machines in the tertiary hospitals, Minister | Pakistan News
  2. ‘Sehat Ka Insaf’ a complete health package for KP children - Newspaper - DAWN.COM (11 rounds completed so far, with around 5 - 7 Lac kids being vaccinated in each round)
  3. Drop by drop, Sehat ka Insaf fights crippling disease – The Express Tribune
  4. Imran Khan Announced to Establish a Foundation Under KPK Govt. For Orphans, Widows and Disabled Persons
  5. http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/201...n-for-welfare-of-disabled-persons-imran-khan/
  6. Result of successful Anti-Polio Drive, for the first time in history no polio virus found from Peshawar. PPP in Sindh acknowledges KPK's drive and looks to copy it in Sindh.
4) Education:

  1. EDUCATION EMERGENCY DECLARED IN Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - 15 Lakh New Enrollments Target, Scholarship for Female Students from Class 1 to 10th
  2. Education becoming Educated in KPK
  3. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa launch School Enrollment Drive (September 10, 2013)
  4. KP sets 1.8m target for school enrolment - Newspaper - DAWN.COM
  5. BBC Report on KPK Drive for Education
  6. KPK enrolment drive gets record response
  8. KPK: 80,000 kanal land purchased for education city.
  9. KPK education city attracts international universities
  10. Foreign credentials: International universities show keen interest in K-P Education City – The Express Tribune
  11. KP government expedites efforts to set up Education City - thenews.com.pk
  12. KPK: Real change. Uniform education system in KPK. | Tune.pk
  13. Introducing uniform education system in KPK, a feather in PTI’s cap
  14. KPK Govt. Decided To Set English Language as the Medium of Education in Schools
  15. K-P to have technical university – The Express Tribune

5) Anti Corruption:

  1. KP Ehtesab Commission at hand as assembly passes bill - Newspaper - DAWN.COM
  2. KPK Accountability Commission set up
  3. PTI expels QWP from KPK coalition over ‘corruption’
  4. News from KPK where being a patwari is no longer fun - Zameen Blog
  5. How independent are the police in KPK - thenews.com.pk
  6. KPK is the Only Province where is No Political Interference in Police - IG Nasir Durrani
  7. Caught in the act: K-P to fight corruption with Ehtesab courts – The Express Tribune

6) Economy & Development:

  1. Rs1.4b plan prepared for two industrial estates - thenews.com.pk
  2. Rs19.6 billion projects approved - Newspaper - DAWN.COM
  3. Feasibility process for Rapid Mass Transit System initiated - thenews.com.pk
  4. Speedy work on Peshawar mass transit system ordered - Newspaper - DAWN.COM
  5. 3 provinces fail to achieve NFC target - Newspaper - DAWN.COM (Only KPK achieves NFC targets)
  6. KP to have industrial estate management - Newspaper - DAWN.COM
  7. KP takes its industrial roadshow to Dubai, London - Newspaper - DAWN.COM
  8. Workers of the world: Province to have four new industrial zones – The Express Tribune
  9. Fresh start: K-P set to rebuild ‘City of Flowers’ – The Express Tribune
  10. KPK provincial tax collection increased by 216%
  11. ADB promises support for mega projects - Newspaper - DAWN.COM (Asian Development Bank to help mega projects)
  12. PTI govt surpasses previous rulers in getting foreign contribution - thenews.com.pk
Credit to @Jazzbot for compiling these links here.
All of that is human development and there is no way you can deny it. Plenty of mega projects in there too.

Ehtesab commission is like NAB right? What's the need for that? Violate the constitution in the Capital, conduct criminal activities, attack the parliament but still don't resign from your seats? I hope you know that IK's KPK members and federal members at this point should be sent to jail under treason.......but here they are, roaming freely even if multiple courts convicted them.
No, Ehtesab commission is not like the National Accountability Bureau. There are plenty of differences. Having a separate accountability commission for KPK is a lot more efficient than using NAB for everything.

And no, protesting is not treason. By that logic Pakistan would be free of politicians. Even your beloved King Nawaz Sharif did all that, remember? Why should he not be in Jail?

Nawaz spearheading long march to Islamabad


ONLY in Pakistan, can a CRIMINAL bring REVOLUTION!!!
Nelson Mandela was considered a criminal by many and he brought revolution in South Africa. Last time I checked, South Africa was not in Pakistan. US government considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist until 2008 - NBC News

Many of the Ukraine Euromaidan revolutionaries are criminals. Ukraine is not in Pakistan

The attempted Venezuelan Revolution in 2002 and ongoing one in 2014 is all full of militants and other types of criminals.
Venezuela is not in Pakistan either.
Venezuela’s Leftist Collectives: Criminals or Revolutionaries?

These are just some relatively recent examples, I can give you a lot more if I wanted to but this should be enough to shut you up.
When compared to most Pakistani politicians, Imran Khan is the most law abiding.


Jul 15, 2011
United States
United States
The fact that you can't counter the main points of my arguments here means you would get so humiliated if you ever debate IK that you'd convert to solipsism. Pay for your own mental evaluation first.

The ability to just sit here and register an FIR against any one, including politicians and police officers, is actually very, very useful. Again, you'd know this if you knew anything about Pakistan. Things can be good without being crazy expensive, keep that in mind kid, might save you some money in the future..
How much do you get paid by IK's team to work as a third shift propaganda team?? Answer one thing for me. All these accusations, blames, more allegations, show of "how right we are in rigging allegations" and everything else......WHY did the owner of the ARY and your top anchor (sarcasm of course) Lickman, apologized to the court today for false accusations and NOT being able to provide any material proof?

If he has been preaching right and saying the true stuff....why did they apologize to the court today and accepted the fact that they couldn't back anything up with proofs....it was ALL propaganda. Lie based campaign with utter bull crap being said from day one. So PLEASE entertain us why the Jesus like Lickman and his CEO of ARY tv apologized....I thought they had all the proofs!!!

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