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Khulna Shipyard delivers four LCU to Bangladesh Navy

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    Google translation:

    Khulna Shipyard has completed the construction of four ships to take one lakh Rohingya at Noakhali's Bhasanachar Asylum Project-1.

    Khulna Shipyard has already handed over three of the four ships built at a cost of Tk. The other ship is scheduled to be delivered on December 5.

    Khulna Shipyard Managing Director Captain MS Karim (E) PSC BN said a decision has been taken to implement the asylum project at Bhasanchar for one lakh Rohingya. As part of this agreement, the shipbuilding began on March 7, 2009 at Khulna Shipyard. Already, on June 12 this year, the third ship was handed over on November 2 and November 3.

    Khulna Shipyard GM (Plan and Estimate) said. Shahidul Islam said, "The construction of four Vessel vessels, called Land Craft Utility (LCU), is under way under the asylum project-1 of Vasanchar. Each LCU has a length of 12 meters. 4 meters wide in the middle. Depth 1.5 m. Weight 5 tons. Maximum speed is 12 nautical miles, normal speed 5 nautical miles. The ship is capable of operating at one nautical once. The ship has total facilities for up to 20 sailors. Apart from this, there are facilities for taking up to 25 passengers. It is possible to carry 5 tons of relief material on the ship.


    It is learned that under the Prime Minister's Office, Bangladesh Navy is working on the implementation of Bhasanchar Asylum Project-1 of Tk.

    As a part of this, the Navy signed a contract with Khulna Shipyard to construct four LCUs. The project is undergoing full government financing. The target levels were set to be completed by early November. At the meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC), asylum-1 project got final approval. The worksheet of the project states that Bhasanchar is located in the Char God Union of Noakhali district. Its distance from Noakhali is 25 nautical miles.

    It was also reported that the number of local residents in Teknaf and Ukhia was 5,600, with new and old one million to 12 million Rohingya taking shelter in the area causing various problems and the environment of the tourism area Cox's Bazar was also concerned. . This project will mainly run land development and seashore security activities in Bhasnachar. To house more than one million people, there will be a barracks house and 120 shelters in 120 bunch villages. There will also be temples, naval offices and residences for security, interior roads, drainage infrastructure, tubing and water supply infrastructure and watch towers.

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