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justice is blind?or Justice From A Blind Judge, Maybe?

Discussion in 'Pakistani Siasat' started by Baghial, Oct 20, 2017.

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    Justice is not always blind and seldom is it colorblind. But, can a blind judge bring us closer to that ideal

    I have come to believe that life is not always fair, but judges should always be,

    JUSTICE is Blind. Because , it is delivered from the dark chambers of judge’s conscience corroded with confused interpretation of law read way back in 30 years when they joined Law schools. should not Law be standard at least with in a country. why its interpretation changes from court to court, state to state, period to period. In pakistan judges are guided by delayed constitution,
    If you are well-off, you can skip punishment even in murder cases but in case you are poor then your jail time is not over even if you have completed your term.

    in Pakistan justice is anything but just. Ironically over here justice is a commodity purchasable and available only to the very powerful and the filthy rich. Hundreds and thousands of examples can be found wherein justice has been delayed, denied, not delivered, or miscarried. To add insult to injury, a prevailing wrong concept and practice is of adjudication, only on the basis of evidence/s presented. If justice is to be delivered in letter and spirit, whether sufficient proof was presented or not, whether prosecution and defense were competent or otherwise, finding facts, survey, research and obtaining enough material, for just and fair adjudication is also the duty and responsibility of an adjudicator, which is not the prevalent norm.
    THERE is one word that captures the essence of all Islamic laws and all Islamic teachings; one word that describes the overriding value that permeates all Islamic values. Justice. The Quran says: “We sent aforetime our messengers with clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance, that men may stand forth in Justice.” [Al-Hadeed 57:25] The sole purpose of sending the prophets was to establish Justice in the world and end injustice. Broadly speaking, doing justice means giving everyone his due.

    Fourteen hundred years ago these commands created a society where rich and poor, friend and foe, Muslim and non-Muslim, the ruler and the ruled, were all treated equally and all of them could count on receiving justice. The qazis (judges) were independent and no one, including the khalifah was above the law. If a dispute arose between the Khalifah and an ordinary person, both had to appear in court and provide their evidence.

    That is the justice the world needs today. “Allah doth command you to render back your Trusts to those to whom they are due; and when ye judge between man and man, that ye judge with justice: verily how excellent is the teaching which He gives you! For Allah is He Who hears and sees all things.” [An-Nisa 4:58]

    we must stand for justice for all people and the fulfillment of their rights, but we should stand for mercy when injustice is committed against us and our rights are violated.