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Justice and Equality in Sub-Continent..A Question to Indian Members....?

Discussion in 'Social & Current Events' started by Spy Master, May 6, 2015.

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    There is not even a shred of doubt that to be a successful and prosperous country Justice is must and without it a country is doomed to fail, but situation in sub-continent especially in Pakistan, the country which was meant to be created for poor people where men in power and common men would be treated equally now has the worse situation of justice and equality.
    I just opened news page on facebook and these are the highlights....

    >>An important Under 19 contest organized by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was disrupted and players were forced to leave the ground due to landing of helicopter carrying Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's son-in-law.

    So for a son-in-Law an organized match has to be disrupted? this is the value of common citizens of Pakistan? Do they even consider us humans?

    I remember once food minister visited sahiwal and his helicopter and then 26 motorcade protocol destroyed poor man's crops.


    Cricketers humiliated as PM's son-in-law makes entry

    And then this...

    Zulfiqar Mirza storms police station, manhandles officials in Badin - The Express Tribune

    BADIN: Former Sindh home minister Zulfiqar Mirza on Sunday stormed a police station in Badin and manhandled security personnel for trying to arrest and registering an FIR against his aide.

    So if any other common citizen had done it ,I bet within 5 minutes a case would be registered against him and he'd be put into jail but as this is former minister so Police has make an exception.

    >> And I heard that Parliament is preparing a resolution to protect MPA's and MNA's by giving them some extra privileges from people like Arjumand Hussain who stood up against VIP culture and expelled Rehman Malik from PIA plane.

    And there are many other cases...happens on daily basis in this poor country.....Rape victims rarely get justice....Child abused etc etc etc....its been 67 years and we are still on the same point where we were in 1947.I bet the situation in 1947 would be 1000 times better than current situation...!

    My point is I believe that this is happening only because of 3 long martial laws in Pakistan when ruler himself broke the law...but India has never faced any martial law and has democratic government since 1947...so what's the situation in India? is it better than Pakistan? Do all citizens treated equally or not?
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    The abuse of power is still rampant in India too... You can read the news about the privileges that the MP's are demanding at the airports etc.. A few days back Times Now ran an entire campaign targeting the VIP privileges of MP's/CM's... Even though the outcome of the show was not as per planned it still had some considerable gains....
    For e.g: Due to the motorcade of Maharashtra CM was returning after attending an event at some club restrictions were placed on the roads, due to which a member of the club was not able to enter the aforesaid club ... He along with his son was manhandled by the police, this incident was live reported and telecasted... This incident lead to many cancellations at the aforesaid club and even the Maharashtra CM refused some other invitations to avoid the same incidents....
    But sadly not many CM have followed the same path(I may be wrong) ...

    Now here comes the part of judiciary.. Let me give you an example of "EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW"...

    Most of the members over here would know about the plight of The Ahmadiya community in Pakistan and other Regions...
    After the amendments were done in the Pakistani constitution over the non-Muslim status of Ahmadiya commu. same requests were made to the Indian High Court of State of Kerala which requested the court to declare commu as Non-Muslim too i.e Persona non grata or apostates... The High court while rejecting the contention said that since the commu believed in two main beliefs of Islam i.e that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad was a servant and messenger of God can not be discriminated against...

    Let me give you one more example today the Bombay court is going to announce judgement in the Salman Khan Hit and run case... Now this case bleeds of both discrimination and equality... While on the one hand due to the cumbersome process the justice has been delayed for the last 13 years... At the same time it shows how the high and mighty have to swing in the "TARAJU" of justice...
    They are more such examples too like the case where the acting PM i.e Indira Gandhi had to personally appear in the court for attendance(I don't remember the jurisdiction of the court)
    Or when the Ex-PM P.V Narsimha Rao had to too appear personally for his attendance in his corruption charges case...

    But sadly all is not rosy with the system and their are bottlenecks which need to be weeded out... The political elite in India too thinks of themselves as something above the law ... But what we as public can do is to publicize such incidents and don't let the "ELITES" think of us fly to be squatted away...