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Oct 16, 2016
United States
Coming soon to a war zone and probably in the most unfortunate are which is of course the Middle East. BUT, with Algeria and Egypt possibly putting orders for these (and I think Algeria already is talking about a squadron of 12), I'm willing to go on the limb and say that Egypt will probably order A LOT more than that (after thankfully being denied the F-35 not because it's American, but flight costs and maintenance are way too much IMO probably compared to the Su-57) and my guess is the number is projected somewhere between 24 to 46/50 units depending on when the new semi automated production facility is finished76 they ordered. So if we see them anywhere in the ME, it will probably be Syria and under the notification and cooperation of the Egyptian and Algerian armies.

What a screaming beauty,


Abd FATMAN, your pic of the Mirage 2000 really makes me wonder why those French ended the production of such a potent and magnificent aircraft that can well fly and be VERY useful past 2050 IMO, even with the Rafale. These jets can not only perform tremendous duties on their own but perform very successful duties with both land-based and naval RAFALS. can't figure it out, Look at the US as a perfect example, even though with 20 times more cash, they never retired any of their aircraft that the gas tank F-35 was supposed to replace, As a matter of fact, the F/A-18, F-16 and other supposed F-35 replacements haven't been replaced yet and will probably stay right were they as far as I'm concerned, Congress just last two weeks ago voted to keep the A-10 as a valuable CAS mission aircraft LOL. Oh and BTW what does Boing do? They produce the BEST F-15 ever in the EX version ever and show it off like crazy. Had they offered it to Egypt with the latest AIM-120 C7 and the 9X so we wouldn't buy the superb Su-35SE, the EAF would've probably considered it but I think they offered used F-15 also with the sparrow loooool with maybe 5 years left before MLUs and none of the missiles mentioned. lol these people are just brainless. Did they really think we wouldn't spend $2,1 BILLION on Russia's POWERHOUSE aircraft instead?!?!?! That's is why the great Sisi said "no thanks, we're not falling for those ridiculous tricks any more and we have determined the Su-35SE and its most impressive weapons package (including the R-27, R77 and no more R-77SD version missiles but the AD and especially the r37m AWACS KILLER even the lowly 260km range we'll take it,) is the most impressive deal for us.

Sorry about that rant, friend but we are getting sick and tired of being treated like untrustworthy dangerous invaders when we were the ones attacked TWICE! So no thanks, we're moving on with much less ridiculous downgrades and many of the best the world,

Mirages 2000 DEADLY BEAUTY!!


Rafale at a very high AoA to keep up with the Reaper they bought from the US.


The amazing and terrific UAE F-16 blck 60 in Greece,


What's currently happening in the South China Sea is very inversing and unless every single ship has the best captains to avoid accidental shootings or mistaken firings, near collisions..... this could lead to a HUGE and costly war that I don't think China has enough to counter all the US allies and their equipment. let's hope for a safe ending to this sensitive stupidity. China MUST agree on an independent mediator to delineate the Chinese waters that belongs to them and follow the system to avoid any chaos.

The gorgeous Chinese Liaoning (spg) followed by a US destroyer and preceded by what appears to be a Japanese destroyer. That's how crazy it is getting there. There was a video posted earlier on Twitter where the Chinese starter flying their aircraft circling the areas to send a message not to mess with them. Reminds me of the Hunt for the Red October when Pelt told the Russian ambassador "having all your ships in proximity of all our ships is a dangerous thing, sir, that's how wars begin!"

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