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Oct 16, 2016
United States
British Electric Lightning with over wing fuel tanks.
Notice the Brits were the only ones who were fond of putting crap on TOP of the wings? lol. They did it with the SEPECAT Jaguars and obviously with these Lightning and I think something else, too.

The problem with these is that they're not like the AIM-9s or any type of missile mounted on top of Jaguar's wings where it wasn't a problem firing the missile. This was a problem because if the pilot needed to jettison the fuel tanks, he ran into a heavy risk of those things bouncing off the wings and taking out the flaps and ailerons etc. Even worst, take out the vertical or horizontal stabilizer and the aircraft would be in a world of hurt. So to fix that, they installed explosive cartridges on the pylons to make sure those tanks were knocked way off the pylons and cleared everything LOL! Crazy.

They even put the missiles in interesting areas on the fueselage, similar to the A-7s had them in nearly the same area.

What I found interesting, though, is how they copied the MiG-21's & Su-7s and 22s nose cone down to the color itself. The same green. Now on the Russian MiG-21 and others, that cone was made out of plywood which was fascinating to say the least. Wonder if they used the same material here for these British aircraft?

Lower one has a targeting or FLIR/Navigation pod?
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