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Judge admits to taking bribe in Axact fake degree case

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    TRIAL COURTS NAB COURTS WHICH WORK accordingly WHAT most Corrupt Department NAB PROVIDE THEM NAB ALREADY WASTED 17 YEARS OF PAKISTANI NATION DAMAGED PAKISTAN IN EVERY WAY AFTER JUDGES THEN JIT THEN JUDGES SO MUCH TIME MONEY WASTED STILL IF NO SOLID JUDGMENT ORDERS BY HIGHER COURTS NO FUTURE OF PAKISTAN GURANTEED. Pray judges of supreme court become so great like JIT officers and make history real change for coming generations but still too difficult to have tough stance to disqualify him beside so many proofs of corruption against him still look like highest court judges still giving him safe passage to the godfather may b to do justice or may be because he is mafia lord every one should get afraid of him so he can do more corruption this bad practice must end to do more corruption waste time of courts public made mess first judges then jit now ehtesaab nab courts dancing the nation all crap hona wona koch nahi aiwe amam ka dimag waqt paisa thabah kia jaa raha ha ha mola kare jit ka afsaro ki thara in judges ma be insaaf paida ho or in thamam dako chooro ko nishane ebrath bana de waise hotha howa aise koch nazar nahi araha baaz waqt lagtha ha k choor ko bachaya jaa raha ha mazeed chori karne ke liya pakistan idhaare siyasi chooro ko or ye siyasi choor pakistanio ko kahi nahi chorne wale khoon chooste rahengai, if judges are serious sincere they must put nawaz his family name in ecl list ban him from politics till the recovery of money from him disqualify him and forward the case of him and all other corrupt members of parliament and their cases to army courts make quick decisions judgments if it happened this will be the worst day for the enemies of pakistan best for whole patriotic sincere pakistanis...Pakistani judges ko ALLAH himmat dai AMEEN.
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