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    Brig. Amine Mohamed Hattit

    may be superficial and oversimplification to consider the state of unrest existing in Jordan today, a purely Jordanian situation separate from what is happening in the vicinity of the region or the general region of the re-arrangement of the region after the defeat of the Western project, which targeted in general and targeted the axis of resistance in particular, Was for the liquidation of the Palestinian cause that Trump launched in the first months of his assumption of power in his country, and he made clear signs that there is a deal with the Arabs of America, including the elements of this liquidation.

    In order not to sink too much into the imagination or perception of what this century deal might entail, we return to the positions declared by the deal's owners themselves. They are also clear: Trump, Netanyahu and Mohammed Bin Salman, who today form a deep strategic alliance carrying out a clear mission: The Palestinian cause and full-time to confront Iran not only by removing it from the region and forcing it to retreat to the back of its borders, but also to change its regime by overthrowing its independent Islamic system and establishing a system of the West along the lines of the Gulf reserves.

    The first is that the land of Palestine between the river and the sea can only accommodate one state, "Israel". The second is that united Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The Palestinians, where they are with compensation paid to them and to the resettlement countries, and the fourth confirmation of the "right of Israel" to settle in the West Bank and the legislation of the existing settlements. And finally the establishment of a Palestinian state from the Gaza Strip and land added to it in order to absorb a portion of the Palestinian refugees abroad and another part of the internal Palestinians whom Israel wants to deport to limit their growth on land occupied in 1948.

    Thus, this added land, which may be in the Sinai as it was repeated, or in Jordan as it will be, will constitute the alternative solution to the withdrawal of "Israel" from the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, where the Palestinians of the West will not be under the deal of that century more than the scattered disbanded municipal councils Any formula or system that feels like a unified political entity. In other words, historic Palestine as a whole will be under the deal of the century under Israeli sovereignty, and only the Gaza Strip, which will form the nucleus of the demilitarized Palestinian state, will be excluded.

    However, this criminal liquidation and the Saudi involvement in it and the pressure exerted on those concerned with the Palestinian issue remain stalemated if there is no land added from outside Palestine, although not the threat of the axis of resistance, even if not obtained the consent of the Palestinian form and / or else these three elements Alternative land, Palestinian consent, and the prevention of the threat of resistance are essential conditions necessary to pass the deal of the century.

    In practice, it seems that the allocation of part of Sinai to be the alternative land is without difficulties that can not be resolved in the foreseeable future, which requires the search for another solution. As for the Palestinian agreement, despite all the rumors about the agreement of this party or that on the deal, the general context of the Palestinian positions indicates that the Palestinian rejection of them exists strongly. As for the axis of resistance, the presence of its components in the south of Syria in one way or another does not suggest reassurance to the entity that is the draft liquidation , But the plan believes that the success in providing alternative land will be able to address the other two obstacles.

    On this basis, the issue of Jordan is central to the implementation of the deal, because it constitutes the basis on which it can be built, in which alternative land is the alternative solution. Here is the existential threat that threatens Jordan as a state established by a British decision a century ago. Will this decision remain in force, or will the American decision on the review be advanced on it and we find in implementation of the Zionist centers of studies or circulating in its orbit, that Palestine is Jordan?

    Today's troubles in Jordan, which coincide with the march to implement the deal of the century, can only raise the concern of Jordanians keen on the interest of their country. And because it is not in politics permanent friendships or permanent enmity, the interest of Jordan, especially after all the evidence and indications that suggest that the liquidation of the Palestinian issue may be at the expense of Jordan, forcing Jordan to relocate in the right place regionally and internationally in order to defend its existence, especially after That the scarcity of Gulf money paid to him, we can not rule out that this difficulty is related to the unrest that erupted because of taxes and fees imposed originally due to lack of resources, and after being practically stripped of custody or care of the holy places in Jerusalem, especially the maximum.

    Therefore, we see that Jordan's strategic and political re-positioning has become a Jordanian national and existential need, because the continuation of Jordan, where it is now in a camp where evil wants, is a sure suicide. The serious danger that Jordan is threatening to impose on it clearly move to defensive positions, which only believes to approach the axis of resistance, not to join the axis of resistance, because we talk about the possibility and do not let the imagination. This approach can be achieved through Jordan's bold steps, including:

    1) The explicit and public rejection of the deal of the century and the rejection of judaizing Jerusalem and adhering to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its relationship with it.

    2) the actual cessation of participation or the provision of direct or indirect assistance to the camp of aggression against Syria; the closure of the operations room entirely and the removal of the foreign officers they manage, whether Arab or Western or Zionist, and preventing any kind of military action against Syria from its territory; Of terrorist groups operating in southern Syria.

    3. Comprehensive coordination with Syria for the return of the displaced and the closure of the refugee camps starting from the Za'tari camp, and the opening of Nisib border crossing with them. It generates about $ 1 billion a year in Jordan, three times the tax revenue that has caused the unrest.

    4 Go to the regional triangle Iran Turkey Iraq and open to Russia and China to provide an umbrella of political support and secure alternatives to the Gulf money stalled.

    Addressing the current Jordanian unrest can not only be security, or through the resignation of the government. Real treatment can only be a matter of serious strategic choices and it is imperative that it may be existentially costly to object. Jordan is now apparent, and in the absence of regularity with honest allies, it is now the weakest regional link. Here lies the danger.
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    Monarchy with no military don't last for long time average age of such nation is about 50-75 years in history books I have seen quite a few monarchies which existed and vanished in 50-70 years across North Africa