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Jhaur - The War of 1971

Hakikat ve Hikmet

Nov 14, 2015
United States
United States
BD is the most successful RAW ops - B Raman, a Deputy Chief of RAW in his autobiography

What a total ethnic cleansing of the Muhajir community in all parts of the East Pak starting from the late 1970! Not even babies were spared, not to mention the raping, maiming, burning etc. - all like the pogroms meted out on the Muslims in India being amplified by 10K times!!! What happened to Mujib's family in 1975 is a toned down version of what happened to the most of the Muhajir families.....

All functioned like an orchestra as per the Indian plans first outlined by Mountbaten and Nehru in 1947 with an immediate putting into action in verbatim.....

The Pak authority put a blanket censorship on the news about the real events regarding the genocide of the Muhajirs, for they feared not a single Bangal in the West Pak would remain alive....

*2m Bangal folks died in the man made famine in 1974
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