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JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

The Raven

Mar 31, 2020
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Why will they do a joint venture with us when they already have many supersonic missiles in service?
I still think our missile is indigenous.of course some help can be taken from them.if our missile resembles with HD 1 ,no problem.our engineers may have inspected many already present supersonic missile concepts and then they built on one of them.most likely our missile is completely indigenous.
China wouldn't be collaborating with Pakistan for its benefit :) it could be a similar collaboration as the JF-17, China provides some R&D costs, Pakistan the other share, to develop a Pakistan-specific product with potential for export. Remember, China has it's own programmes that it will never export and develops products specifically for export purposes. Munitions are no different.

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