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Apr 3, 2019
Why are so intolerant and emotional and start abusing each other?
- Some of us are just raised by parents who don't hammer in manners into our person. We don't know how to behave as civilized outside our home.
- Some of us have a knack of triggering, we are sadistic and like seeing others flustered. Plus there are no real penalties tied to acting rude other than a few words exchanged.
- Some of us think we're too knowledgeable for the crowd, and when faced with ignorance get frustrated
- Some of us are just having a bad day and want to get one back to end the day on a high.

Coming to the topic, I would've loved to see the engine upgraded but signs are that we'll continue to use the RD93 for Block 3.
Regarding some discussion about Turbofan and jet engine design/manufacture, I will show some of the traits i highlighted above myself to make myself a target.
Our industrial knowhow is far below where it should be to even contemplate such a thing. Jet engine or even fuselage manufacture requires high maturity in precision engineering, deep knowledge of metallurgy and a lot of IP. We lack all three and the gap with countries that would even be slightly interested in partnering with us is quite far for it to be practical in the short and medium term. We continue to keep defense a 'holier than thou' industry for private enterprise and that is likely to hurt us immensely in the long run.

We have benefited from extremely smart procurement decisions by PAF vis a vis jets in the past decades while India made a series of mistakes in most sane opinions save for say Mirage 2000 (Rafale may prove a success but time will tell). India also suffered because of HAL's virtual monopoly over military aviation. They however have realized this now, and are opening defense industry for private enterprise. It is amazing to see how fast Mahindra and Adani are building up the Indian MIC.

This is as far as we could go with our wits, India is now getting smarter and this calls for bold smart decisions from Pakistani powers that be. Do we want to fight an invisible enemy inside Pakistani business community and keep their hands away from our holy cow defense industry or we want to engage the best business and scientific minds in the country to sure up our defenses against an ever stronger foe. I hope we don't run it too late and don't suffer too much because of our complacency!

On a sobering note, i am pained by our keyboard warriors (often highly educated) dismiss and mock India. Sometimes industries struggle for decades before they cross a threshold, a tipping point. India is almost on that tipping point while we're languishing far far behind. Before critical mass, industries are often appear zero sum games and after the tipping point 1+1=11 in most cases.

- India has landed on the moon, they are extremely experienced in aerospace and that means they have the scientific and industrial knowhow and precise engineering well above average.
- India is building up its own satellite network fast, which will increase its information edge over us.
- India is already building fuselages of Apache gunships that it procured and its also involved in the latest C130 manufacture, the ancient version of which we're struggling to upgrade.
- Indian private manufacturers are fast gaining traction inside their Army vehicle manufacturing, Naval ship and submarine manufacturing while we only have Transfer of Technology on paper for all of our major projects. We have been fed the entire "self reliance, Indigenous capability, transfer of technology" thing since Agusta 90B, Al-Khalid, Al-Zarrar tanks, and Naval boat manufacture. However, did we manufacture a single Agusta 90B after we got the entire 'technology transfer'. We continue to purchase naval ships from Turkey, China and Romania. For Army, we've finally signed off on Chinese VT4 tanks. Things are unravelling and unravelling fast, claims of our powers are all falling in front of our eyes and we'd be our worst enemies to still ignore these signs.

Our keyboard warrior skills won't help us win a war with India unless we at least have this consensus that we need to at least not fight over silly matters of seeing India as a serious threat or just brush it off.
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Jun 14, 2006
I think we will have to wait for the 7 Sep 2021 for a few shows at PAC to get more insight. Lately, PAF has gone v quiet about their projects and developmental status, particularly Post Op SR.
I suspect you will continue to wait till march 22 when the first squadron gets inducted.


Oct 13, 2019
I know - right !!!! A very elusive bird and camera shy bird.
isn't it even reticent of reporters and rude commoners?
Does anyone have any news about our top-secretive plane JF-17B3?
in such an absence of information about our dear fighter, Hearsay will be welcome too in the dearth of any quality information.

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Aug 23, 2008
The only difference noticeable from the outside would be the serial number, no one will find out the additional equipment or their true capabilities


May 24, 2013
United Kingdom
I dont know why you guys are so depressed. Its been PAF practice to do an end of year ceremony on the Jf-17 for the last few years. Just wait for that, and you will have 12 Blk-3s lined up, two-thirds in yellow primer.

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