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Jerusalem is NOT the capital of Israel

Discussion in 'Strategic & Foreign Affairs' started by Jamshed Khan, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Jerusalem is NOT the capital of Israel

    The British thrust their dirty dagger in the heart of Islam when they conquered Palestine and entered Jerusalem on December 9, 1917.

    It appears that Dr. Muhammad Iqbal was the first Muslim scholar, poet, and philosopher who identified the destructive and agent of chaos and disorder force known to history as Gog and Magog. The British commander-in-chief, Sir Edmund Allenby, defeated the Ottoman Turkish Empire forces in Palestine, and entered the gates of Jerusalem on 9 December 1917. On this sad, deplorable, and miserable day for the Muslim World Allenby reportedly declared “the wars of the crusades are now complete.” The then prime Minister of Britain, David Lloyd George, described the capture of Jerusalem as a “Christmas present for the British people.”

    Dr. Iqbal composed a couplet at this catastrophic defeat of the Muslim World and the capture of Palestine and Jerusalem by the British (in which unfortunately the Muslim soldiers of the British Indian army may have played a major if not a pivotal role) in Bange-Dara as follows:

    “Khul ga’ay Ya’juj aur Ma’juj Kay Lashkar tamam, Chasmy Muslim dekh lay tafsiray herfay yansilun!”


    “Set loose are all the hordes of Gog and Magog; to the Muslim eye manifest is the meaning of the word yansilun.” (i.e. the two verses of the Qur’an, al-Anbiyah 21:95-6, which end with the word yansiloon.)

    And now exactly one hundred years latter another country’s president Mr. Trump unilaterally wants to deliver another Christmas president to the Zionist state of Israel by offering Jerusalem as the Zionist capital. Mr. Trump has no locus standi to offer Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The status of Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza strip is to be determined through final settlement negotiations between the Zionists and the Palestinians. Mr. Trump by declaring that Jerusalem is the capital of the Zionist Israel is circumventing long standing United Nations resolutions, one of which was that there were supposed to be two states in ancient Palestine. In order to preserve and extend peace, one solution is to declare Jerusalem to be an international city. In any case, USA should immediately halt its unilateral move of declaring Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. This move will further open new wounds and would be contrary to Justice and fair play. The United States should not be a part of the forces of chaos and disorder in the world.
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    Yes, all details of Gog and Magog match people from the Caucasian origins pretty accurately. Georgia is not only between two seas on its east and west but its people also speak a language totally different than any nation around them.
    Not to forget it's old links with the tribe "Khaza" and their eventual acceptance of Jewish religion as a whole state, and then spreading out in the Europe and becoming European jews and Christians or in other worlds all of the Zionists. Same people who were responsible for the killing of the innocent native Americans thus qualifying themselves as Gog and Magog...