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Javed Afridi hints at introducing Tesla in Pakistan Tesla, Inc. is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company owned by the famous aerospace


Nov 24, 2018
United Kingdom
People have to admit the truth that the cheapest EV will always be more expensive than the cheapest somewhat driveable car.

Unless people really want to rethink what they want for a car. The lowest denominator for a car is already set by a the cost of body + 0.6-0.8L powertrain.

People need at least 20kwh of batteries, and there is no way you can make them cheaper than a cheapest 0.8L engine based powertrain which can be made as cheaply as $600.

It only leaves body + other non-propulsion systems for price reduction.

Will people be willing to drive 2 seat cars, or cars without such basics like climate control, or power windows? I believe not. As I said many times before, anybody who needs a "two seat car," can simply go for a motorcycle.

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