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J-10 fighter jets to debut at China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition

Discussion in 'Chinese Defence Forum' started by gpit, Oct 29, 2008.

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    J-10 fighter jets to debut at China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition - People's Daily Online

    16:28, October 29, 2008

    The Seventh China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition will be held from November 4 to 9 in Zhuhai. Top-notch equipment including the orbital module of Shenzhou VII will make its debut at the exhibition, but the biggest attraction this year will be the aerobatic show by J-10 fighter jets, Guangzhou Daily reported.

    Highlight No. 1: Debut of the orbital module of Shenzhou VII
    Reporters learnt from the exhibition's organizer that Shenzhou VII's orbital module will make its debut at the exhibition. According to the organizer, this is the premier showing of the main and core parts of the Shenzhou spacecraft and the first time in history that the public will be able to have close contact with the orbital module.

    The China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) will also display models of the disposable re-entry module and the Long March II F carrier rocket, showcasing the comprehensive relationship between the carrier rocket system and the spacecraft system. In addition, the organizer has sent invitations to Shenzhou VII taikonauts Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming and Jing Haipeng, and arrangements for their attendance at the exhibition are being organized.

    Highlight No. 2: Display of China's missile defense system

    Missiles on display at the exhibition include long-distance, high-altitude, low-altitude, surface-to-surface, ship-to-air, ship-to-ship missiles, and the exhibits feature weapons from low to high altitude, comprising China's comprehensive missile defense system.

    Highlight No. 3: J-10 fighter jet aerobatic show

    The People's Liberation Army Air Force will participate in the exhibition for the first time and will have a number of advanced planes performing as well as featuring the Air Force Sky Diving Team. The two widely-popular J-10 fighter jets have arrived at the exhibition, and will not only be on display, but will also perform in an aerobatic show.

    By People's Daily Online

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    J-10 showed its advanced performance and excellent maneuverability.
    may it be provided to other countries?