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Italy wants NATO to change defence spending rules

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    Italy wants NATO to change defence spending rules

    Irene Kostaki

    FEBRUARY 11, 2019

    Italy’s coalition government could incur the wrath of US President Donald J. Trump in the coming days if the Italian government moves forward with a plan to request that NATO change the way the alliance calculates defence spending for each country.

    According to NATO’s charter, each member must spend 2% of its GDP on defence. Italy, which spends below the amount, wants other areas, including cybersecurity and the protection of infrastructure, to be counted as part of the country’s defence spending.

    “Spending money to develop cyber security defences should count the same as spending money to buy tanks ,” suggests the Italian minister. ” I am not saying we should not spend money, but that we should spend money on things that were not previously considered as defence spending,” said Italy’s Defence Minister Elisabetta Trenta.

    Italy, according to Ms Trenta, is already one of the largest contributors to NATO because of the troops it sends on peacekeeping missions. The Eurozone’s third-largest economy contributed 1.15% of its GDP in 2018, according to estimates from NATO, similar to the spending levels of 2016 and 2017.

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