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It all Started with a Tweet by Wajahat Saeed Khan which was a flame bait... and then...Shit got real!!!


Apr 28, 2014
United Kingdom
"whining doesn't resolve the issue and the problem was within them. they had to fix themselves since the army sources its personnel from the same pool of people that makes up the entire nation"
many people state that argument.
Do army personnel go to the same school or hospital as people from the rest of the pool go? Do the rest of the people get the same perks as army personnel?
If people from the rest of the pool cannot fight, then the army should excuse from fight?
On topic:
Traditions matter but optics too. We called off the 23rd Match parade many times. Now, the stick handover ceremony is very extortionate, unlike before. So some traditions can be spared/postponed etc.
Nonetheless, this was so harmless and minute that it mustn't have caused a stir even.

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