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Israeli Sale of Phalcon AWACS Radar to India, a Hostile Act:


Nov 18, 2010
Israel is most probably behind the Kargill war, Indian parliament attack in 2002 and now in Mumbai terrors attacks in 2008 to Accelerating the arms sale to India and safe his arms industry and destablise the integrity of Pakistan who is consider great threat to Israel security and stability? Israel does not have direct conflict with Pakistan. All three serving chiefs of India have now visited Israel in the last 2 years.
I think the word respected journalist goes down the tank when such statements are made in the article. its ill conceived and irresponsible.

as far you guys selling missile technology to the Arabs, sure , but whom did you have in mind? Iran?- you can't because of UN sanctions and because you are getting close to a 3 billion of US aid and the US will be wary of any such sale.

Instead , here is a novel idea- increase trade with India where you will able to export X times larger than missile tech and earn a hell of lot of revenue vs missile technologies. Pakistan has a lot of attractive goods and even services that India would be a great market for.


Jul 2, 2010
United States
Big deal, Israel only understands one language, Pakistan should discuss with the Arab states and offer them Missile technology on a larger scale, including research into defence technologies, with their investments also and our scientists/engineers, Israel will quickly move away and negotiate with Pakistan an understanding to stay out of each others conflicts.

Pakistan just needs to courage to step up or step away
Which Arab states.... all of them are more dependent on USA than Pakistan....
Arab states don't have issue with India acquiring weapons.. it is only Pakistan..why they will poke their nose into it.
Unless and until they are with USA and not harming Israel , they are safe they don't need Pakistani technology.

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