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israel make defence deals with china?

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    "Iran is not succeeding in transferring weapons to the Gaza Strip, we are providing a solution to the tunnels - all this begins and ends with intelligence"
    Defense Minister and former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon said at the annual Israel Defense Conference, "Israel is at the forefront of the world in processing vast amounts of intelligence information." Eitan Ben-David, deputy national security adviser, said that Israel's strategic position improved

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    Ya'alon at the conference (Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik)

    "We are in a good position in terms of operational and technological strength and we must build the force in order to create a practical advantage over the enemy," said Moshe Ya'alon, Former Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff, in his speech at the annual conference of Israel Defense, which takes place at the Exhibition Grounds.

    Ya'alon went on to say that the State of Israel is currently at the global forefront in the processing of huge amounts of intelligence information - BIG DATA. "We are currently in a period defined as a battle between systems, BAM. We should not wait for the next round but try to prevent or reject it. "

    According to him, the Iranians in Syria understand today that they are exposed to Israeli intelligence capabilities. "Here, for example, they launched a UAV and it was destroyed, as was its command car, and immediately after that 50 Iranian targets were destroyed in Syria. Iran is unable to transfer weapons to the Gaza Strip. We are responding to the tunnels - it all starts and ends with intelligence. "

    Eitan Ben David, the deputy national security advisor in the Prime Minister's Office, presented the country's most important political challenges today: preventing Iranian consolidation in Syria and preventing Iran from becoming nuclear. He offered to pay attention to the process of rehabilitating the Syrian army and to the fact that Shi'ite terrorism might be renewed. In the Palestinian arena, Ben-David says that Israel "is making an effort to maintain calm in the Gaza Strip and to prevent a humanitarian crisis there, and the State of Israel has great opportunities today, such as maintaining strategic cooperation with the US that supports Israel in an unprecedented manner."

    In Ben-David's opinion, Israel's strategic situation improved, and it included a combination of military and economic power. He noted important developments in Israel's security deals with countries such as China, Japan, India, countries in South America, Poland, the Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, and strengthening ties with EU countries such as Germany, France and Britain. A major challenge for Israel is the Iranian challenge and the Shiite axis that will accompany the country, as well as the Iranian nuclear issue. We will not allow Iran to be based in Syria, or Iran, or the Shiite militias acting as Tehran's mission.